Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League branded a ‘woke disaster’

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League branded a ‘woke disaster’
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Tom Chapman


31st Jan 2024 12:04

Well, that didn't take long, did it? Rocksteady Studios' Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has only just landed (literally, after its early access was pulled), but some are already calling the next chapter of the Arkhamverse "woke." 

Known for its work from the Arkham games from 2009-2015, Rocksteady is expanding this universe with a jolly jaunt to Metropolis and swapping the Caped Crusader for Task Force X. While early reviews praise it as a bold continuation that was probably worth the wait, not everyone is happy.

SPOILER WARNING: Major spoilers for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League ahead

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League slammed as a 'woke disaster'

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Woke Complaints
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This is still very much a man's world, thanks to Brainiac being the big bad and three of the four playable characters being men, but apparently, that's not enough for some fragile egos. Yes, two men, a woman, and a shark are far too much diversity for some of you. 

What do you know, some really are triggered by flags - and we don't mean Rick Flag. This is your last chance to turn back, as we're about to spoil a major death... even though leakers ruined it ahead of release. By now, we're sure most of you know the Suicide Squad live up to their name and kill a Brainiac-controlled Batman.

Having Harley Quinn as the one who pulls the trigger has rattled a vocal few, with one irate gamer sharing a post on Rocksteady's diversity and raging on Twitter, "F**k you. No, I really mean it. F**k you and go to hell. We will never be able to coexist with these progressive lunatics.

"You are destroying every good memory we have. Once the pendulum swings back I hope you suffer twice as much as we do." Their issue covers everything from people of colour to the LGBTQ+ community and women's rights, giving this one the whole bingo card of angry gamer stereotypes. 

As pointed out by The Gamer, ex-Rocksteady dev Jercye Dianingana responded by saying, "Me: making buildings and placing trashcans on the floor as an environment artist. This guy: F*** YOU DIE. Fam, you don't like my soda cans on the floor? What's going on."

Kill the Justice League has triggered some

Before Kill the Justice League even came out, YouTuber ENDYMIONtv published a video calling it a "woke disaster" and claimed Rocksteady was in a panic as "fans REJECT game." He said that it has been "infected" by woke consultants and claims that the likes of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and Alan Wake 2 are similarly "woke."

Others have taken issue with the Hall of Justice having a Progress Pride flag, leading to a particularly pleasant comment of "f**k the gays." Thankfully, there's plenty of support from those who championed an industry that's not dominated by the same barrel-chested characters like Solid Snake. 

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One fan said, "Is this really a rational response to a video game man? You don't think this is a little weird?" Another added, "Some of the weirdest freaks hate that new suicide squad game cause it's 'woke' or some sh*t and I almost wanna like the game now because of it." 

Summing up what most are thinking, someone concluded, "What? It’s Batman. You know they aren't real right? Jfc. Get a grip." If you think they're mad now, wait until they realise Poison Ivy is now a child and not the overtly sexualised version they were all salivating over in Arkham Knight. 

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