Kill the Justice League Easter egg points to surprise villain death

Kill the Justice League Easter egg points to surprise villain death
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5th Feb 2024 15:55

There's a kooky cast of rotten rogues and unlikely heroes in Rocksteady Studios' Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Aside from the titular quartet of Arkham alumni, the likes of Lex Luthor, Penguin, Gizmo, and Hack join us on our trip to an apocalyptic Metropolis.

Much like Rocksteady's acclaimed Arkham trilogy, Kill the Justice League is packed full of Easter eggs that honour everyone from Black Manta to Zatanna, with there even being a nod to WB Montreal's Gotham Knights. With so much to take in, you might've missed the tragic fate of one-fan-favourite.

Kill the Justice League seemingly 'kills' fan-favourite character

Aside from all the obvious Easter eggs, there are more obscure ones that reference lower-level villains like Knockout and King Snake. Over on Reddit, someone spotted a pretty clever wink to Kite Man, although it's not a particularly pleasant one. 

With a green kite stuck to the side of a building and covered in blood, it looks like Kite Man has met his maker pretty recently. Although Chuck Brown, aka Kite Man, didn't appear in the first three Arkham games, he's seemingly found his place in the Arkhamverse - albeit not for long.

This obscure comic book character was introduced all the way back in 1960s's Batman #133 and has become something of a joke character due to his kite gimmick. James Gunn said he briefly toyed with putting Kite Man in The Suicide Squad, while the character has become a fan-favourite of the Harley Quinn cartoon.

Kite Man is clearly popular, and is even getting his own animated spin-off called Kite Man: Hell Yeah!. Responding to his KTJL fate, one fan lamented, "DISRESPECTFUL." Another added, "He's my #1 pick for a DLC character. Here's hoping for a year 2 (or more)!," and a third joked, "Kiteman faked his death. He’ll come back and be the one that stops Brainiac."

Kill the Justice League fans demand playable Peacemaker 

Graffiti sprayed around Metropolis teases the arrival of Deathstroke, while the addition of the sharp-shooter had been discussed a lot for a potential DLC. Whether he was out there doing his own thing during Brainiac's invasion or will be recruited as part of Task Force X post-release, Slade Wilson is an easy pick.

Other eagle-eyed fans have spotted another piece of graffiti that features a bald eagle carrying a metal helmet. You don't need to have seen The Suicide Squad movie or Peacemaker series to know it's honouring the character of Peacemaker. Could he be another recruit for the expendable antiheroes?

Given the popularity of John Cena's portrayal of Peacemaker - and with Season 2 on the way - the timing couldn't be better for Kill the Justice League to let him flex his muscles as a playable addition. We know an impressive roadmap of free DLCS will kick off with an Elseworlds Joker, but with plenty more content on the horizon, we need Eagly to spread his wings. 

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