Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League players come to terms with "trash" Joker Season 1 update

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League players come to terms with "trash" Joker Season 1 update
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Lloyd Coombes


1st Apr 2024 09:33

Oh boy. Remember Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League? Not unlike the titular squad, it felt like the odds have been stacked against Rocksteady's Arkhamverse follow-up since it was revealed.

As it happens, I enjoyed what we got (you can read my full review), but the hope remained that with some new content, it could finally become a DC-themed sandbox that does the licence justice.

Sadly, though, Season 1 appears to have brought nothing but more misery for players, despite initially seeming like it would add a particularly dark version of Joker.

Players slam Suicide Squad's Season 1 update

Responding to a video from YouTube creator AngryJoe, the Kill The Justice subreddit is in poor spirits.

"I really wanted this game to succeed," one user comments, noting they waited for bug fixes and Joker content but "sadly gave up".

"At this point, I'm just waiting to see the "We have made the difficult decision to stop supporting Suicide Squad" post," another said.

"You can say whatever you want about Joe, but he is absolutely right about everything he said," one Redditor noted, before calling the new season "trash", pointing out that the "story is a joke and Harley not really reacting to Joker is stupid, they never even speak to each other".

This point about Harley is echoed in another Reddit thread where players note that despite initial comments from a developer AMA pre-launch that suggested a big emotional moment when Harley encounters an alternate-universe Joker for the first time, there appears to be none of that in the final product.

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Does Kill The Justice League have a future?

Suicide Squad key art
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One commenter on the AngryJoe post said "There's no way this game makes it out of this year alive", but as of the time of writing, Rocksteady is still planning a further three seasonal content drops.

Season 2 is expected to introduce some version of Mr Freeze, likely via Victoria Fries, but it appears many players are more concerned about the lack of new things to do within Rocksteady's version of Metropolis.

Given Warner Bros said the title had "fallen short of expectations" at launch, we may see the publisher initiate the Knightfall Protocol and start fresh. Still, at least a Wonder Woman game is coming, right?

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