Someone put all the GTA 6 leaks in one giant document

Someone put all the GTA 6 leaks in one giant document
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20th Sep 2023 15:41

"GTA 6 leaks, where on Earth did I place my GTA 6 leaks?" With the next chapter of the Grand Theft Auto franchise leaking faster than a faulty sieve, we're surprised Rockstar Games hasn't just come forward and given us a whole showcase by now. Still, we've left to trawl through a tsunami of leaks on our own...or are we?

You might remember the massive GTA 6 leak of September 2022, revealing everything from protagonists to a potential Vice City return through thousands of screenshots and videos. Although this was apparently from a pre-alpha build, it's given us our best look at GTA 6 ahead of its official reveal.

Someone put all the GTA 6 leaks in one handy document

GTA 6 leak document
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GTA VI Document

Doing the donkey work for us, someone has put all the GTA 6 leaks in a glossy Google Drive document that you can view here. Trust us, you'll want to bookmark this one for later. Reportedly pieced together through the work of Discord communities and the GTAForum, the 60-page doc is a whopper.

With a convenient layout and specific sections, you can jump to characters to find out more about Lucia and Jason, skip to leisure activities like golf and fishing, or find out about new mechanics like an RDR2-inspired self-revive, shooting from car windows, and an Eagle Eye system.

This is about as thorough as you can get with GTA 6 intel, and while it would've taken one person an age to pull this together, the many hands of the game's community made light work of it. Rockstar seemingly confirmed the legitimacy of these leaks but has reiterated that a lot could've changed since the videos were made.

What happened to the GTA 6 leaker?

GTA V Michael, Franklin, Trevor gun heist
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Rockstar Games

Obviously, we'd be careful about GTA 6 leaks because they could get you in hot water. The person apparently responsible for the GTA 6 leaks was 18-year-old Arion Kurtaj (although he was 17 at the time). Kurtaj was arrested and was due to stand trial for cybercrimes against Take-Two Interactive, fintech firm Revolut, and Uber.

In the aftermath of the leaks, Take-Two's stock price crashed and an investigation was launched by the FBI. This led to Kurtaj standing trial for 12 offences, including blackmail, fraud, and breaching the UK's Computer Misuse Act. A psychologist deemed Kurtaj mentally unfit to stand trial, leaving his fate in the hands of a jury.

Kurtaj was named as a "key player" in hacking group Lapsus$ alongside an unnamed 17-year-old accomplice. Ultimately, Kurtaj was found guilty of one count of fraud, one count of blackmail, and one count under the Computer Misuse Act. The moral of the story is, don't mess with GTA 6 leaks.

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