Kill the Justice League’s first DLC potentially leaked

Kill the Justice League’s first DLC potentially leaked
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6th Dec 2023 16:56

You might still be undecided about Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, but with Rocksteady Studios known as the developer that brought us three acclaimed Arkham games (yes, even Arkham Knight), we have high hopes that we'll get another Batman-lite banger.

As Rocksteady's first game since the aforementioned Arkham Knight launched in 2015, the devs have had more than long enough to cook up a comic book caper for the ages. While Kill the Justice League's live-service elements leave some of you unimpressed, Rocksteady is hoping it can win you back round.

Kill the Justice League's first DLC potentially leaked

At least Kill the Justice League's live-service credentials should give it a healthy roadmap that'll see regular updates and content drops - and no, we don't just mean festive Harley Quinn skins. Forget the main game, attention has already turned to the inevitable Kill the Justice League DLCs.

Miller Ross claims that fan-favourite Deathstroke could be putting a Kill the Justice League DLC in his crosshairs. Deathstroke is the alias of the sharp-shooting Slade Wilson, who was (briefly) played by Joe Manganiello in Zack Snyder's Justice League and appeared in both the Arkham Knight and Arkham Origins games. 

Ross recently teased the game's roster via a series of emojis, leading to speculation that Deathstroke, Katana, and Peacemaker could be waiting in the wings. He suggested that the Deathstroke guess was wrong but has now gone back on this to confirm him for KTJL with a (now-deleted) design.

It seems wild to pin all our hopes on a DLC character, but Deathstroke would be a popular addition. "This one post just sold me more on the game than most of the recent coverage. Thank you!," said one fan, while another cheered, "There's no way in hell they wouldn't include Deathstroke cmon now folks."

Killer Croc is also tipped for KTJL

While the Arkham games largely limited you to playing as the Dark Knight - with other segments suiting up as others - Kill the Justice League gives you free rein to switch between any of the core four. A Deathstroke DLC would presumably put you in the boots of Wilson, but these might not be the only characters on offer.

Recent datamines from Miller claimed that Killer Croc would be another playable character, although we're not sure in what form. As a regular of the Suicide Squad comics and played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje in David Ayer's Suicide Squad movie, he's another popular character.

Unfortunately, with Killer Croc effectively being a similarly beefy beast to King Shark, the pair might be too similar. We're calling it now, but Killer Croc sounds like an early-game playable character who gets killed off in an opening mission. That, or what if he replaces a deceased King Shark after the main campaign? 

The Suicide Squad has had a lot of members on its expendable team, but you'll have to wait and see who makes the cut when the long-awaited Kill the Justice League launches on January 30. 

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