Kill the Justice League stats reveal a worrying launch

Kill the Justice League stats reveal a worrying launch
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Megan Cooke


4th Feb 2024 19:57

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League stats suggest that the game could be off to a bad start as it opened with less than half of the amount of players who played Marvel’s Avengers on its first day.

The opening period for Suicide Squad was not without issue as two separate maintenance issues caused servers to go down, preventing players who paid extra for early access unable to play.

Day one numbers for Suicide Squad aren’t looking so good

As reported by PCGamesN, the number of players in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League on the first day of its full release were considerably lower than Marvel’s Avengers.

Based on SteamDB statistics, Marvel’s Avengers launched on 4 September 2020 with a peak player count of 29,916. Suicide Squad, on the other hand, hit a peak of only 12,667 players when it launched on 2 February 2024.

The comparison between games is easy to make, considering they are both live-service superhero titles, however there is one big difference between the two, and that is that where Suicide Squad requires a constant internet connection, Marvel’s Avengers only required a one-time connection check to play single player.

Suicide Squad’s release did not go smoothly

The low player numbers were not the only disappointing thing that came of the game's release, as players who paid for 72 hours of early access to the game found themselves impacted by maintenance to the servers.

This occurred twice after early access opened, once due to scheduled maintenance and once because of a glitch which meant some players had full completion of the game after opening it for the first time.

In total, about seven hours of the early access was unplayable due to servers being down.

To rectify this, Warner Bros. gifted early access players £16 of in-game currency, which many affected players have stated was the right move.


Suicide Squad was already at a disadvantage as several people were disappointed that it wasn’t going to be another Arkhamverse game.

While a slow start doesn’t mean the game won’t pick up, what will really make or break the game is likely how the developers take on board feedback from players and what comes of the future updates to the game.

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