Activision Blizzard Exec Slammed For Mocking Sony

Activision Blizzard Exec Slammed For Mocking Sony

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Jack Marsh


23rd Feb 2023 15:47

If you thought a multi-billion-pound merger was going to be conducted with grace and decorum, you were sadly mistaken. Now, Activision Blizzard executives are being pulled into the Call of Duty console wars.

With Microsoft's ongoing battle for control over Activision attracting defences from all forms of technological giants - including main rivals Sony - the tug-of-war is now taking a sort-of nasty turn. 

Amid all of the chaos surrounding the merger, Activion's employees are going all out on the playground tactics of opposing parties. 

Activision Blizzard CCO Mocks Sony Over Call of Duty Deal

After Sony threw its toys out of the pram with a barrage of attacks on the Microsoft deal, Activision's Blizzard EVP Corporate Affairs and CCO Lulu Cheng Meservey has now mocked the gaming giant... despite it being a potential future rival.

Meservey took to Twitter to meme Sony and mock the Microsoft opposition for apparently refusing to sign on for a long-term Call of Duty deal. 

The jibe comes shortly after both Nintendo and Nvidia have entered preliminary partnerships with the future Call of Duty developers to allow the franchise to be on their consoles for the next ten years.

Activision CCO Claims Sony Is 'Undermining' Microsoft Deal

Surprising no one, Meservey's quip was met with criticism from fans who were unhappy with the lack of professionalism and courtesy while the industry-defining case wagers on. Others were behind her, saying they loved her energy and that she'd won the internet for the day

However, Meservey continued her blasts towards Sony on Twitter by defending her antics. She added that she is a person and is allowed to change the way a usual "corporate exec. is supposed to talk."

But if the meme and defence weren't enough, she said that Sony is deliberately undermining the deal to protect its 20-year monopolisation over the gaming industry. 

"Microsoft is doing exactly what they said they’d do. Whereas Sony continues to rebuff the opportunity to get a long-term agreement for Call of Duty and is trying to undermine the deal to protect its two-decade dominance in gaming," claimed Meservey.

Activision has made a point of waving around the decade-long deal for Sony - even brandishing a physical copy at its Nvidia conference - but this might only be provoking the PlayStation owners to stand their ground instead of caving in.

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