Tower of Fantasy Road Of Strife Event: Everything You Need To Know

Tower of Fantasy Road Of Strife Event: Everything You Need To Know
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6th Sep 2022 16:34

The Tower of Fantasy Road of Strife event has landed, bringing with it new challenges and rewards including the illustrious Mechbird vehicle. The Tower of Fantasy event commences on August 31 and will last until September 14. For more information on the Road of Strife event, including how to participate and how to earn Star Grit, read here.

Tower of Fantasy Road of Strife Event: How To Join

To join the Road of Strife event you must progress through the main story up to chapter two when you unlock the 'Rewards' page of the shop. Additionally, you'll need to have achieved Interstellar Exploration level 21 and level 31 of the Apex League.

Interstellar Exploration is an optional daily dungeon that resets every day. Participation in the dungeon can reward players with weapon upgrade materials.

Apex League is the PvP mode of Tower of Fantasy, which allows teams of players to face off against each other in return for vehicles, Dark Crystals and more.

Tower of Fantasy Road of Strife Event: How To Get Star Grit

Tower of Fantasy Road of Strife Event Phases
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Players can get a maximum of 1,200 Star Grit every day. To earn the Star Grit, participate in each of the three different event phases, these are Orienteering, Stellerway Divergence and Mega Arena.

To sign up for orienteering and enter the competition for the event, you must pass a preliminary checkpoint exercise which is available every hour from 12:00 to 23:00 every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday during the event duration.


Tower of Fantasy Road of Strife Event: The Stellerway Divergence

Tower of Fantasy Star Gates
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The Stellerway Divergence is phase two of the event and will entail players travelling to gates which are essentially mini-challenges. You can proceed with the challenges alone or recruit teams to help. The Star Gates often involve defeating enemies, protecting towers from enemies and other combat-focused scenarios.

There is a total of six Star Gates per Stellerway Divergence and each yields 300 Star Grit upon completion. These gates are represented as red pulsating icons on the map and glowing, floating red squares in the world.

Tower of Fantasy Road of Strife Event: Mega Arena

Tower of Fantasy Road of Strife Event Rewards
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The last phase is called the Mega Arena and is due to unlock on September 8. The phase will feature PvP combat with opposing teams of two. To win the matches, simply defeat the two opponents. The caveat is that the arena shrinks in size every 75 seconds and if you get caught outside the parameters, you'll face a HP reduction buff. Jetpacks are also locked in the competition, all healing effects are decreased by 50% and all resonances, Simulacrum traits and Matrix effects are disabled for the duration to allow for even matchmaking.

You'll receive 400 Star Grit if your team of two wins, or 200 if you lose as a substantial consolation prize.

Tower of Fantasy Road of Strife Event: Mechbird And Other Rewards

Tower of Fantasy Aidan Black Market
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The store where you trade in your Star Grit is called the 'Aidan Black Market' and offers a variety of prizes including Red Nucleus, Gold, Weapon Augmentation boxes, Weapon batteries, Matrix Data Packs and much more. The main feature is the Mechbird parts, each part averages 1,000 Star Grit each to purchase. By collecting all the parts, you will be able to get yourself the elusive Mechbird vehicle. The items in the store change with every phase, the last being the Mega Arena phase on September 8.

To enter the Aidan Black Market shop front, click on the gift icon at the top right side of the screen (hold down ALT to do so if playing on a PC), then select the 'Road of Strife' tab at the bottom of the screen. The Aidan Black Market icon will then appear under a shopping basket on the right side of the screen, click this to enter the shop and trade your Star Grit.

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