Best gifts to give Shane in Stardew Valley: Schedule, heart events & more

Best gifts to give Shane in Stardew Valley: Schedule, heart events & more
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If you're looking for the best Shane gifts in Stardew Valley, we have you covered. Shane is one of the many inhabitants of Stardew Valley that you can romance and eventually marry, all you have to do is chat with him each day and bring him his favourite gifts.

As there are hundreds of possible gift items in the game, we've made it easier for you and have listed all of Shanes's favourite gifts in Stardew Valley.

See below for his best gifts and the amount of friendship points up for grabs, we'll also take you through all of Shane's heart events and his schedule so you can track him down across all seasons.

As well as this, we'll tell you the secret of how to unlock blue chickens in Stardew Valley, as a reward.

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Best gifts to give Shane in Stardew Valley

Screenshot of blue chickens in Stardew Valley, a reward for befriending Shane
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The following gifts are sorted into loves, likes, dislikes and hates. You can give gifts to each villager a maximum of two times per week.

Gifting Shane something he loves will get you +80 friendship points (more if it is during the Winter Star event or his birthday), each heart on the heart meter is worth 250 points.

Gift Type Gift

Loved gifts (+80 heart points)

  • All universal loves
  • Pizza
  • Hot Peppers
  • Beer
  • Pepper Poppers
Liked gifts (+45 heart points)
  • All universal likes
  • All eggs (except Void Eggs)
  • All fruit (except Hot Pepper which he loves)
Disliked gifts (-20 heart points)
  • All universal dislikes
  • Forage items (Dandelion, Leek, Winter Root, Wild Horseradish, Daffodil, Ginger, Holly, Hazelnut, Snow Yam)
  • Seaweed.
  • Certain Mushrooms (Common, Chanterelle, Magma Cap, Purple, Morel).
Hated gifts (-40 heart points)
  • All universal hates (except Seaweed which he dislikes)
  • Pickles
  • Quartz

Best ways to earn hearts with Shane in Stardew Valley

Screenshot of giving Shane pizza, one of his favourite gifts in Stardew Valley
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Of the top gifts to get Shane, Pizza and Beer appear in Gus’s permanent stock list at the Stardrop Saloon.

Pepper seeds are available at Pierre’s shop all through Summer, and will continue to produce after the initial harvest. This means you can save some as gifts for Shane whilst selling the rest.

Pepper Poppers are also a loved item but can only be made after the player receives the recipe for them in the mail after achieving 3+ hearts with Shane.

As with any other villager, it helps to keep an eye on the bulletin board to see if anyone makes any special requests. Also, by gifting a villager a loved item on their birthday it gives you an x8 to friendship.

Shane’s birthday is Spring 20.

Shane's schedule in Stardew Valley: Where to find him

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If the Community Centre isn’t restored (all seasons)

Monday to Friday Shane can be found working at the JojaMart until 5 pm where he then enters the Stardrop Saloon, staying until 11 pm when he then returns home.

At weekends he will also work at the JojaMart if it is raining.

Saturdays he leaves home and goes to Pierre’s shop from 12-5 pm. He’ll then stay at the Stardrop Saloon until 11 pm, then head back home.

Sundays he will stay home all day.

If the Community Centre is restored (all seasons)

Monday-Friday he will stay home all morning, leaving for the saloon at 2 pm until 11 pm when he returns home.

Saturdays are the same schedule as if The Community Centre is not restored.

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All Shane heart events in Stardew Valley: How to unlock blue chickens

Two hearts

Screenshot of Shane's two hearts event in Stardew Valley
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The player meets Shane by the dock in Cindersnap Forest. They share a drink together and Shane expresses unhappiness with his life. We get the first glimpse that Shane may be struggling with depression. Shane warns the player to not make a habit out of drinking as they still have a future ahead of them.

Three hearts

Shane will gift the player the Pepper Poppers recipe in the mail.

Four hearts

Screenshot of Shane's four hearts event in Stardew Valley
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The player and Marnie walk in on Shane passed out on his bedroom floor, with empty beer cans surrounding him. Marnie confronts him about his possible drinking issues and asks what his plan is for his future. Jas walks in as Shane questions if he even has a future and runs away crying. Shane is left feeling guilty.

Six hearts

Screenshot of Shane's six hearts event in Stardew Valley
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The Player stumbles on Shane collapsed by the cliffs (to the left of the sewer in Cindersnap Forest) once again surrounded by empty beer cans. As he wakes, Shane insults himself repeatedly and we get the sense that he has had dark thoughts. Shane agrees to be sent to the Clinic. Whilst there, Harvey assures Shane that he will make a physical recovery but he is worried about his mental health. He directs Shane to a councillor in Zuzu City.

The next day Shane visits the player at their farm and informs them that he is going to take Harvey up on his offer to see the councillor.

Seven hearts

Screenshot of Shane's seven hearts event in Stardew Valley
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The player enters Marnie’s home whilst Shane is there. Shane expresses how much better he has been doing since seeing the councillor. He proceeds to gift Jas a pair of shoes.

There is another heart event that takes place in the town square if you have 7 hearts with Shane and 2 hearts with Clint and Emily.  Shane is filming an acting scene of the pair for an upcoming Joja Co competition to win 10,000g. He asks the player to be involved in the ad.

The player will also receive the Strange Bun recipe upon completing 7 hearts with Shane.

Eight hearts

Screenshot of Shane's eight hearts event in Stardew Valley, unlocking blue chickens in the game
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Jas takes the player to the barn where Shane is preparing the barn for his blue chickens to lay and eventually sell eggs. He shows a newfound ambition to be a part of the business and to pass it on to Jas one day.

After this heart event takes place the player has unlocked blue chickens.

Whenever a chicken egg is placed in the incubator (or purchased from Marnie) there is a 25% chance of it being a blue chicken.

Ten hearts

Shane and the player attend a Gridball game together in the city. Shane takes the moment to say thank you to the player for being there for him during his hardships. Shane kisses the player and then walks away apologising. The player catches up to him and kisses him again.

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