How to play Stardew Valley in multiplayer & is there crossplay?

How to play Stardew Valley in multiplayer & is there crossplay?
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8th Apr 2024 16:00

Stardew Valley is one of the best farming games around, but no farm is really run alone in the real world and fortunately, you can go into business with some pals using the game's multiplayer features.

You have a few choices with multiplayer: online co-op, a split-screen mode, or to invite people to a world you’ve already been working on. On top of showing how to begin a multiplayer session, I'll also outline if the game has any crossplay capabilities. 

Every multiplayer mode in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley multiplayer match
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A new multiplayer world

To start a new world for multiplayer:

  • From the title screen, choose Online Communication
  • Now select the Host tab
  • From here you can press Host Farm 
  • You'll need to add a cabin for each player who will be playing and also decide your profit margin and wallet, whether it be shared or not
    • You can build more cabins later on if need be

Start split-screen mode

  • Create or load the save normally
  • Build a cabin whilst in single-player mode for any new player 
  • Connect a controller to the computer/console for each extra player
  • Now open the menu and go to Options 
  • Go down to multiplayer and select Local Communication
  • Make sure the other players press start on their controller to join 

If the host loaded the world via Co-op on the title screen, they can have both remote and split-screen players in the same world.

Invite players to a single-player world

  • Create or load the save normally
  • Build a cabin whilst in single-player mode for any new player 
  • Save and go back to the title screen 
  • Now open the save file in co-op to invite the other players in

Does Stardew Valley have crossplay? 

Unfortunately, Stardew Valley does not support crossplay between different consoles and PCs.

Mac gamers and PC gamers can play together, but these are the only two platforms that support crossplay, and that's probably because they're so similar.

If this changes at all in the future (which hopefully it does) then I’ll update this page to reflect that change.

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