Use this trick to get Prismatic Jelly easily in Stardew Valley

Use this trick to get Prismatic Jelly easily in Stardew Valley
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Harry Boulton


8th Apr 2024 11:24

Prismatic Jelly is one of the trickiest items to get a hold of in Stardew Valley, and there's a good chance that the first time you're looking for it will be under quite a strict time limit too.

All sorts of Slimes inhabit The Mine in-game, but this particular blob has a very low spawn chance, so you'll want to make sure that you're feeling lucky and well-prepared before you head on the hunt for this elusive item.

Easiest way to get Prismatic Jelly

I found that the best and quickest way to find a Prismatic Slime and get Prismatic Jelly was by clearing Levels 65 to 70 in The Mines until it spawns. You'll want to make sure that you go on a lucky day and use any luck-boosting items that you have - although, with the time limit of the Special Order, you might not have a choice!

Image of Slimes on Level 68 of The Mines in Stardew Valley
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I personally found my Prismatic Slime on Level 68 of The Mines, but you do generally seem to have a better chance of finding them on Levels ending in 5, as they typically hold a higher spawn rate.

You'll be able to spot the Prismatic Slime by its rotating rainbow-like colours, as opposed to the static colour of any other Slimes on the Level. They have significantly more health than any other Slimes too, and deal more damage if they hit you - so make sure to pack up some health restorative items too and bring your strongest weapon - which might just be the Meowmere.

Level 5 in The Mines also seems to be a popular spot with a high number of potential Slime spawns, and the ease of the enemies here makes clearing an unsuccessful run a lot quicker. I didn't find any when I was grinding this Floor though, but you might be luckier than me!

If you are grinding a particular Floor or set of Floors as I suggest above, just make sure to reset to the start of the mines once you've cleared your run, as that seems to definitely 'refresh' everything, and saves you running areas you've already cleared.

Image of the Special Orders board in Stardew Valley
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Do bear in mind too that Prismatic Slimes will not spawn until you have accepted the 'Prismatic Jelly' Special Order from the Special Orders board by Mayor Lewis' house. This becomes available on the second day of Fall in Year 1, so make sure to check it every week to see if this quest pops up. It was there the first week for me, but even if you do fail it will eventually come around again.

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