How to get the secret Meowmere sword in Stardew Valley

How to get the secret Meowmere sword in Stardew Valley
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5th Apr 2024 16:42


While it might not be the strongest weapon you'll find, getting your hands on the secret Meowmere sword in Stardew Valley is definitely a fun task - especially if you're a fan of Terraria.

It will require you to have done a fair amount in-game before you can get started though, alongside a fair amount of luck if you haven't scored one particular item so far in your farming journey.

How to get the Meowmere

Here's what you'll need to do to get the Meowmere in Stardew Valley:

  • Obtain the Ancient Doll item
  • Head to Level 100 of the Mines or Floor 10 of the Volcano Dungeon
  • 'Interact' (RMB on PC, Square/Y/X on PS/Switch/Xbox) with the Ancient Doll in your hands when standing next to the lava in either location
  • Receive the Far Away Stone from the Bone Serpent
  • Head to the Basement of the Wizard's Tower
  • Place the Far Away Stone on the plant pedestal to receive the Meowmere

There are quite a few steps that you'll need to complete before you can get started, so this can be quite long-winded if you're unlucky.

Image of Level 100 in the Mines in Stardew Valley
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After you've picked up the Ancient Doll - which I'll dive into below - you'll need to either reach Level 100 of the Mines or Floor 10 of the Volcano Dungeon.

The former is significantly easier as you can do it within the first Spring if you're persistent, whereas the latter requires you to reach Ginger Island and do a fair amount from there.

Image of the Wizard's Tower in Stardew Valley
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Then you'll need to make sure that you've reached at least four hearts of friendship with the Wizard, as that'll let you access his Basement - where you can also change your appearance.

The Basement itself is located at the rear of his tower through a hatch, but if you try to head down there before you're besties then he'll shoo you away.

Image of the Wizard and the entrance to the basement in Stardew Valley
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Where to find the Ancient Doll

Here are the locations where you can get your hands on the Ancient Doll:

  • Artifact Spots (Bus Stop, Cindersap Forest, The Mountain, Pelican Town)
  • Artifact Troves
  • Fishing Treasure Chests
  • Feast of the Winter Star (gift from Jas, Leo, Vincent)
  • Desert Festival (sold by Jas for 1x Calico Egg)

Undoubtedly the toughest part of obtaining the Meowmere is getting your hands on an Ancient Doll, as it's entirely down to chance and could elude you for a while if luck isn't smiling on you.

Image of my character using the Hoe in the Mountains in Stardew Valley
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By far the best place to look is through Artifact Spots across most of the main town, as every outside area that's not the Beach or your Farm is a potential spot. Artifact Spots are the worms, stems, or twigs that you'll sometimes see growing out of the ground, so make sure to use your Hoe on them to unravel their contents.

The Mountain has the biggest chance of giving you one, although all four areas are fairly low in the grand scheme of things when considering their overall probabilities. While I haven't got one on my current save, I managed to score one pretty early on through an Artifact Spot in my original playthrough - although I'm sure I made the mistake of selling it!

Is the Meowmere any good?

The Meowmere is a good sword, but you'll likely already have a weapon that eclipses it if you've managed to reach Level 100 of the Mines. It does a fixed 20 damage whereas most comparable weapons like the Obsidian Edge from Level 90 of the Mines do more damage.

The biggest benefit of the Meowmere is its high Speed stat of +4, which is a lot faster than the Obsidian Edge that we mentioned before. It also boasts a respectable +2 Weight, giving you more space when knocking back enemies.

Alternatively, you might also want to keep using the Meowmere if you've played a lot of Terraria, as the weapon is a direct reference to the incredibly powerful weapon of the same name in that game. Meowmere looks amazing even if you've not played it though, so its lower damage is definitely redeemed with style points.

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