Where to find the Bookseller in Stardew Valley & what he sells

Where to find the Bookseller in Stardew Valley & what he sells
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22nd Mar 2024 17:20

The 1.6 Update introduces all kinds of new content to Stardew Valley, with one of the more interesting bits being a brand new shopkeeper: a Bookseller called Marcello.

The Bookseller only shows his face a handful of times a year, so it's important to prepare for the days when he does! This primer overviews the game's new merchant, including what you can buy and trade.

Where to find the Bookseller

A calender in Stardew Valley depicting when the Bookseller will arrive in Pelican Town
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You can find the Bookseller, Marcello, at Marcello's Books in the northeast corner of Pelican Town, just above the JojaMart/Movie Theatre. He will appear twice a season on random dates to offer his wares to the citizens of Pelican Town.

You can check the calendar outside of Pierre's General Store to determine which days the Bookseller's stall will be open, but you'll also receive a notification the morning of the days when the Bookseller is scheduled to stop by.

What can you buy from the Bookseller?

The Bookseller in Stardew Valley
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As the name implies, the Bookseller sells books, of course! Not to be confused with the lost books you can find by digging, fishing, and tilling, the books stocked by the Bookseller give readers various advantages, whether it be a helping of XP in a particular skill or perks like increased movement speed when running through grass and crops or when riding a horse.

Here's a list of all the books you can find at the Bookseller:

Title Description Price
Bait And Bobber Read this to gain some fishing experience 5,000g
Book Of Stars Read this to gain some experience in all skills 15,000g
Combat Quarterly Read this to gain some combat experience 5,000g
Friendship 101 You become friends with people a little faster 20,000g
Horse: The Book You gain a little extra speed when riding a horse 25,000g
Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Thick Gain +1 Defence 20,000g
Jewels Of The Sea Fishing treasure chests have a chance to yield roe 20,000g
Mining Monthly Read this to gain some mining experience 8,000g
Ol' Slitherlegs You will now run a lot faster through grass and crops 25,000g
Price Catalogue You can now see the value of your items 3,000g
Queen Of Sauce Cookbook Learn any Queen Of Sauce recipes that you don't already know 10,000g
Stardew Valley Almanac Read this to gain some farming experience 10,000g
Treasure Appraisal Guide You will fetch a better price when selling artefacts 20,000g
Way Of The Wind pt. 1 You run a little bit faster 15,000g
Way Of The Wind pt. 2 You run a little bit faster 35,000g
Woodcutter's Weekly Read this to gain some foraging experience 8,000g

The Bookseller's catalogue rotates, so don't expect to find all these books in his inventory every time he visits Pelican Town. You'll need to check in with the Bookseller regularly if you want to collect every book and reap the benefits.

Some of these books can be obtained in other ways. For example, the Travelling Cart and a merchant at the Desert Festival sell Woodcutter's Weekly, too, and you can get a couple of these books for free by digging up Artefact Spots.

Lastly, not only can you purchase books from Marcello's Books, but you can also barter with this NPC. If you have an excess of books, you can exchange them with the Bookseller for different items and resources:

Item(s) Price
Slime Incubator x1 Monster Compendium ×2
Fairy Dust x8 Book Of Stars
Pepper Poppers x2 Stardew Valley Almanac
Deluxe Bait x30 Bait And Bobber
Wood x100 Woodcutter's Weekly
Coal x20 Mining Monthly
Monster Musk x1 Combat Quarterly

Those are the basics of Stardew Valley's new Bookseller. Inspect the calendar outside Pierre's General Store every season to learn when this NPC plans to bring new books to Pelican Town. Knowledge is power in real life and in Stardew Valley, so get some books!

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