Stardew Valley Trinkets list, their effect & how to get them

Stardew Valley Trinkets list, their effect & how to get them
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4th Apr 2024 17:09

The Stardew Valley 1.6 update was one of the most significant updates, adding a plethora of new content to the game, including the new Mastery System and Trinkets, new equipment that players can use to get special buffs.

If you haven't tried the new Trinkets in Stardew Valley and are wondering how many there are, their effects, and how you can get them, keep reading my guide.

Stardew Valley Trinkets list & their effect

There are eight Trinkets in Stardew Valley added with the version 1.6 update, and you can find them all below:

Trinket Effects Sell Price
Basilisk Paw You are immune to debuffs. 1,000g
Fairy Box Summons a level X fairy companion that heals you in combat situations. 1,000g
Frog Egg Summons a hungry frog companion. 1,000g
Golden Spur Critical strikes give you a speed boost for X seconds. 1,000g
Ice Rod Shoots an orb of ice every X seconds, freezing any enemies in its path for Y seconds. 1,000g
Magic Hair Gel Your hair shimmers with all the colors of a prismatic shard. 1,000g
Magic Quiver Shoots a magic arrow at nearby enemies every X seconds, dealing Y-Z damage. 1,000g
Parrot Egg Summons a level X parrot companion, who grants you a Y chance to find gold coins when slaying monsters. 1,000g

How to get and use Trinkets

In Stardew Valley, once you achieve level 10 with your skills and unlock Combat Mastery, you can obtain Trinkets as a drop item by defeating monsters, depending on the RNG. Moreover, Trinkets also spawn inside chests, crates, and barrels, making them an excellent option for farming Trinkets.

That being said, to farm Trinkets in Stardew Valley, we recommend farming monsters found inside the Mines, Skull Cavern, Volcano, and Desert Cave, with Sull Cavern being the best location.

Stardew Valley Alex
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In addition, you can buy a few Trinkets, such as the Frog Egg and Parrot Egg, from the NPC Alex, who is inside the house southeast of Pierre's General Store in Pelican Town and the Magic Hair Gel Trinket during the Desert Festival

When it comes to using Trinkets, upon unlocking Combat Mastery, a new slot with a star icon appears in the equipment tab. You can equip the Trinkets through that slot. 

For more guides, check out our Stardew Valley homepage, where we have already covered where to find the booksellerhow to get Hardwood and what green rain does in the game. 

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