Stardew Valley Haley: Gifts, Schedule, Heart Events

Stardew Valley Haley: Gifts, Schedule, Heart Events
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If you want to find the best gifts for Stardew Valley Haley, unlock her heart events quickly, or learn her schedule during the seasons, then read on. Haley is a young woman that lives with her sister Emily in a house just left of the town graveyard. Although seemingly vain to begin with, as you grow a relationship with Haley, more positive aspects of her personality are revealed. Here are all of the best Stardew Valley Haley gifts, her full schedule, heart events, and more.

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Best Stardew Valley Haley Gifts


  • All universal loves (except Prismatic Shard)
  • Coconut
  • Pink Cake
  • Sunflower
  • Fruit Salad


  • All universal likes (except vegetables)
  • Daffodil


  • All universal dislikes (except Clay and Fish which she hates)
  • All Eggs, Milk, Vegetables and Fruit (except Coconut which she loves)
  • Certain forage items (Dandelion, Ginger, Hazelnut, Holly, Leek, Snow Yam and Winter Root)
  • Certain Mushrooms (Chanterelle, Common Mushroom, Magma Cap, Morel and Purple Mushroom)
  • Quartz


  • All universal hates
  • Clay
  • All Fish
  • Prismatic Shard
  • Wild Horseradish
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Stardew Valley Haley: How To Foster A Relationship

As the Fruit Salad and Pink Cake are both recipes that are received from The Queen of Sauce in year 2 they are not the fastest gift options.

The Coconut is another option; however, they are most commonly found as forage items in the Calico Desert which is unlocked after The Community Centre has been completed (they may also appear in the Travelling Cart’s random stock).

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The easiest gift to acquire for Haley is the Sunflower. Sunflower seeds can be purchased from Pierre both in the Summer and Fall and as such can grow in both seasons. They also have a chance to produce more seeds upon harvest, making them an easy and profitable crop to grow.

As with other relationships, it is helpful to gift Haley something she loves on her birthday (Spring 14) for a x8 bonus to friendship, as well as keeping an eye on the bulletin board for specific requests from her.

Stardew Valley Haley Schedule

Spring: Mondays she leaves her house to take photos by Marnie’s Ranch from 11am-4:30pm, then she returns home.

All other days of the week she leaves home between 11am-12pm to head towards the fountain left of The Community Centre. She proceeds to head home at 4:30.

Summer: On Wednesdays she spends the full day inside her house.

All other days of the week she leaves her house at 10:30 to head for the beach where she stays until 1:30pm. At 1:30pm she joins Alex at the Ice Cream Stand. She returns home at 5pm onwards.

Fall: Same weekly schedule as Spring expect she spends a full day inside her house on Wednesdays.

Winter: She spends all day inside her house on all days of the week except for Wednesdays when she follows the fountain schedule from Spring.

On Winter 9, as she has a check-up at the Clinic.


Stardew Valley Haley Heart Events

Two Hearts

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The player walks in on Haley and Emily arguing over who should clean the cushions in the house. The player can either berate Haley, ask Emily to clean or come up with a compromise by telling Haley it can be her one weekly job around the house (the latter being the most positive outcome, in which Haley will agree to do it and Emily will thank the player).

Four Hearts

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The player finds Haley at home struggling to open a jar. She asks the player to do it for her. The player proceeds and Haley is impressed.

Six Hearts

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At the beach any sunny day except in Winter, Haley can be found pacing back and forth. She has lost her great-grandmother’s bracelet and is upset. The bracelet can be found to the right of Elliot’s cabin. Once returned to Haley she promises that she won’t forget what the player has done for her and embraces them.

Eight Hearts

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The player finds Haley taking photos outside of Marnie’s ranch. She tells them that she’s been trying to connect with the outdoors more and asks them to help her approach Marnie’s cows to take some photos of them. A montage of photos follows of Haley getting close to a cow, petting it, riding it and then falling off of it. Hayley takes this in good humour surprisingly, and laughs before leaving to take a shower.

Ten Hearts

The player gains access to the door leading off of Haley’s bedroom (previously inaccessible). It is a dark room for Hayley’s photographs to develop. The player is given the option to kiss her.

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