How to get Hardwood in Stardew Valley

How to get Hardwood in Stardew Valley
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29th Mar 2024 10:11

Early on in Stardew Valley, the standard wood you find by chopping down trees will serve you well. However, there will come a point where you're going to need to find Hardwood, which is much more involved. When the game was released, there were very few locations where you could find this valuable item, but thanks to a few updates over the years, it's improved.

A lot of the late-game crafting recipes, like the Rain Totem and Worm Bin, require Hardwood. Plenty of quests also need you to use the valuable resource to complete making it important to remember not to give any away (only Robin likes it anyway), and to use it sparingly.

How to harvest Hardwood 

Gold Axe in Stardew Valley
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There are a few different ways of harvesting the valuable resource, which are: 

  • Mahogany Trees with an axe
  • Large Stumps with a Copper Axe 
  • Large Logs with a Steel Axe

It is also possible for normal trees to drop the resource. However, you will first need to unlock the Lumberjack profession at level 10 and ensure you opt for the Forester profession at level 5

Where to harvest Hardwood 

I’ve outlined the method above, and that will help you once you’ve found where to harvest Hardwood, so here are the different locations to find the aforementioned sources of Hardwood: 

Source Amount Location
Large Logs (will not reappear) 8 Hardwood / 10 with Forester profession
  • Fallen down trees found around the farm
  • One in Cindersap Forest
  • Between the Blacksmith and JojaMart
  • In the Mines 
Large Stump (respawn daily) 2 Hardwood
  • Six in the Secret Woods 
  • Eight to the west of the Forest Farm respawn point 
  • One on the Four Corners Farm 
  • Can also be found in the Mines 
  • There can be others found on the farm but like the Large Logs they won’t respawn

Mahogany Trees are a bit different because you can plant these yourself, offering a more controlled supply of the resource. The tree yields between eight and 13 Hardwood

You can get the seeds for the trees by shaking Mahogany Trees (which can be found on Ginger Island) or by harvesting Large Logs and Large Stumps - which fortunately you’ll already be on the lookout for.

Unfortunately, when planting a Mahogany tree there is only a 60% of growth when fertilised, and unfertilised Mahogany Trees only have a 15% chance of making it. 

Alternate Hardwood sources 

On top of the above ways of finding Hardwood, there are a few others as well, but these aren't as reliable or consistent: 

  • Robin may gift you 25 Hardwood at the Feast of the Winter Star 
  • Woodskip Pond has a chance of producing 5 Hardwood once it reaches 6

Hardwood Crafting Recipes 

Chopping wood in Stardew Valley
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I mentioned a few of the uses of Hardwood at the beginning of this guide, but for a comprehensive list of everything that uses Hardwood, check out the table below:

Item Materials needed
Carved Brazier 

10 Hardwood





Cheese Press

Copper Bar

10 Hardwood 

45 Stone

45 Wood

Cork Bobber

5 Hardwood 

10 Slime 

10 Wood 

Hardwood Fence

Heavy Tapper

Radioactive Bar 

30 Hardwood


Iridium Bar

Radioactive Bar 

10 Hardwood


3 Gold Bar

20 Solar Essence

30 Hardwood

Oil Maker

Gold Bar

20 Hardwood

50 Slime 

Ostrich Incubator

20 Cinder Shard

50 Bone Fragment

50 Hardwood

Rain Totem 

Truffle Oil


5 Pine Tar 

Stump Brazier


5 Hardwood

Warp Totem: Beach


2 Coral

10 Fiber

Warp Totem: Desert


2 Hardwood

4 Iridium Ore

Warp Totem: Farm



20 Fiber

Warp Totem: Island 

Dragon Tooth


5 Hardwood

Warp Totem: Mountains

Iron Bard


25 Stone

Worm Bin

Gold Bard

Iron Bar

25 Hardwood 

50 Fiber 

Quests that require Hardwood 

Hardwood Stardew Valley
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On top of making your farm better, there will also be plenty of occasions where Quests will require you to use some of your well-earned Hardwood.

  • 5 Hardwood may be required to increase the size of the Fish Pond
  • 200 Hardwood is needed to repair the outer hull of Willy’s Boat
  • Robin's Project requires 80 Hardwood in exchange for 2,000g as well as the Deluxe Red Double Bed recipe 
  • Robin's Request needs 10 Hardwood in exchange for 500g and 1 x Friendship Heart
  • Woodskip will want 10 Hardwood to increase the size of the Fish Pond

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