What does green rain do in Stardew Valley?

What does green rain do in Stardew Valley?
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28th Mar 2024 09:57

The 1.6 Update is chock-full of surprises, one of which is a brand-new type of weather that's unleashed panic on many of the inhabitants of Stardew Valley. It's not every day you witness green rain fall from the sky, but what does it mean, and what does it do?

Let's explore what's so special about the green rain in the farm life sim from ConcernedApe.

What does green rain do, and when does it occur?

Talking to Lewis about green rain in Stardew Valley
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Green rain is an environmental event that happens once a year in the Summer. One day, at random, you'll wake up to a downpour of the mysterious green rain descending on Stardew Valley.

Despite its appearance, green rain is not toxic. Instead, it actually stimulates the growth of trees, weeds, and other plants.

When green rain occurs, various types of wild trees and weeds will sprout across Stardew Valley. Furthermore, any existing tree saplings may grow to maturity, and many adult trees will transform into moss-covered wild trees.

The effects of green rain are temporary, though! When you awaken the day after a green rain shower, all the wild trees and weeds that spawned will disappear, and any of your trees that turned into wild trees will revert to regular trees.

How to take advantage of green rain in Stardew Valley

Green rain in Stardew Valley
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Green rain serves as an opportunity to collect bunches of moss, one of the useful resources in Stardew Valley. Moss is a key ingredient in crafting and cooking, but it's not that common normally, and you can't buy it anywhere, either.

On days with green rain, you can shake and chop wild trees and weeds to gather large quantities of moss and other resources like wood, sap, and even mossy seeds, which you can use to grow wild trees that can survive long after the green rain has faded away.

The following items use moss as an ingredient:

  • Speed-Gro
  • Mushroom Log
  • Statue Of Blessings
  • Deluxe Worm Bin
  • Deluxe Bait
  • Challenge Bait
  • Treasure Totem
  • Blue Grass Starter
  • Moss Soup

Additionally, you can exchange moss for Broccoli Seeds at the Raccoon's Wife's Shop.

The green rain in Stardew Valley is certainly unnerving and a bit creepy, but it appears to be harmless, and it has its benefits!

Lewis claims that the green rain is nothing to worry about, but other townspeople, like Emily, think there's more to it. Check out our Stardew Valley homepage at GGRecon for more on the 1.6 Update!

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