Stardew Valley Pierre: Gifts, Schedule, Heart Events

Stardew Valley Pierre: Gifts, Schedule, Heart Events
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Stardew Valley Pierre is the villager who owns the General Store. He lives with his wife Caroline and daughter Abigail who often rebels and disagrees with him. The General Store is closed on Wednesdays until the Stardew Valley Community Centre is restored, and also houses the Shrine of Yoba. Once friendship is earned there is a chance Pierre will send gold to the player through the mail. To learn more about Stardew Valley Pierre, including his best gift and hearts events, read on.

  • If you also want to know how to befriend his daughter Abigail, check out our Stardew Valley Abigail Guide for more details.

Stardew Valley Pierre: Best Gifts


  • All universal loves
  • Fried Calamari


  • All universal likes (with exceptions listed)
  • All Eggs (except Void)
  • All Milk
  • Daffodil
  • Dandelion


  • All universal dislikes
  • Foraged Minerals
  • All Gems (with Exceptions)
  • Mushrooms
  • Forage items (Holly, Leek, Salmonberry, Snow Yam, Wild Horseradish, Winter Root, Ginger, Hazelnut)


  • All universal hates
  • All Fish
  • Corn
  • Garlic
  • Parsnip Soup
  • Tortilla

Stardew Valley Pierre: How To Foster A Relationship

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Pierre can be a tricky villager to earn friendship points with. The only specific gift he loves is Fried Calamari. The recipe of which, is given to the player at 3 hearts with Jodi. The dish will require Oil and Wheat Flour (both of these can be produced by the player or bought by Pierre) and Squid. Note that the Midnight Squid cannot be used in this recipe. The Squid is an ocean fish, available in Winter from 6pm-2am.

As this recipe is dependent on the player catching plenty of Squid and raising their friendship with Jodi first, it may be easier to acquire a universally loved gift.

Universally loved gifts include:

  • Golden Pumpkin (won in the Spirit’s Eve Festival, or found in an Artifact Trove)
  • Magic Rock Candy (dropped by Haunted Skulls, traded with the Desert Trader for three Prismatic Shards, or received as a reward from the Museum after donating 90 items)
  • Prismatic Shards (a rare mineral found in the Skull Caverns or by fishing treasure chests)
  • Pearl (rewarded at the Mermaid show during the Night Market, found in Artifact Troves or found from cultivating Blobfish in a Fishpond.)
  • Rabbit’s Foot (dropped from Serpents in the Skull Caverns, sold by the Travelling Cart or acquired from farming Rabbits)

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Of these, the easiest to obtain is the Rabbit’s Foot and there is a higher percentage of gathering more than one in a week. To get a Rabbit’s Foot you need a high relationship with a Rabbit and daily luck. Rabbits need a Deluxe Coop to live in and once made, you can house up to 12 Rabbits in one coop.


During your second year, you will also receive a quest from Pierre, requesting Sashimi. Upon completing the quest, you will receive one heart with Pierre and 1,000g. Sashimi is an easy recipe to make as it requires any Fish, and will be given upon reaching 3 hearts with Linus.

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Remember to check for Pierre’s birthday (Spring 26) and check the billboard for any quests he has posted, to further boost friendship points.

Stardew Valley Pierre: Schedule

If you have the Ginger Island Resort unlocked, Pierre will sometimes spend the day on the beach there. His shop will remain open without him however, so you can still buy seeds if you wish.

Every day except Wednesdays he will work behind the counter of his store from 9am-5pm. He will spend his evenings at home except for Fridays where he will visit the Saloon after work.

  • For more Ginger Island content, including how to befriend its inhabitant Leo, read our Stardew Valley Leo Guide for more details.

Stardew Valley Pierre: Heart Events  

Once any friendship is acquired there is a chance of receiving 250g in the mail from Pierre. This chance will increase depending on the amount of friendship you have with him.

Three Hearts

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Pierre will gift the player the recipe for Blueberry Tart in the mail.

Six Hearts

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The player enters Pierre and Caroline’s bedroom. Next to his bookcase they find something named Pierre’s ‘Secret Stash’. Pierre catches the player in his room and takes his ‘stash’ back, he asks the player to keep his secret.

The player can either agree to keep it a secret and gain 70 friendship points with Pierre, or say they will tell his wife which will result in a loss of 500 points. After Pierre responds to the player he says he will have to find a new hiding spot now.

  • The gifts you receive in the mail from friends are often worth the effort it takes to raise friendship levels. For more tips on how to do this read our Stardew Valley Sam guide.

Stardew Valley: Pierre’s Prime Produce Quest

The billboard outside of Mayor Lewis’ house will display Special Orders, one of which will randomly rotate each week, the other every 28 days. The order named ‘Pierre’s Prime Produce’ is a quest for the player to produce 25 gold rated crops. This can be done through using fertilizer to increase the crop quality. The player will have to grow, harvest and drop off the crops at a bin inside the General Good’s store. Note that you can’t drop off previously harvested crops on your possession, as the game tracks crops that have been harvested as well as dropped off.

The reward is 2,500g, and a Mini-shipping Bin that acts as a regular shipping bin but is transportable in the player’s inventory.

A cutscene will also take place of Pierre trying to sell the resulting crops at ten times the price he paid for them. The villagers are shocked and outraged at Pierre for charging so much and the player can either side with the other villagers or Pierre. Either way, Pierre will suggest that the player buys back the crops and the scene ends.

Stardew Valley Pierre: Missing Stocklist Reward

Pierre’s Missing Stocklist is a special item that can be traded in for 50 Qi gems in Mr. Qi’s Walnut Room. This is an item worth investing in as it allows the player to purchase any seed from Pierre regardless of the season.

If they also have the Island Farm unlocked, or the greenhouse (both of which allow you to grow crops of any season), the player will essentially be able to grow whatever they want, whenever they want. The only drawback is that seeds purchased out-of-season will cost 50% more, judging how this is later game material anyway this is unlikely to affect you much.

Did you know the Ancient Seed is the second most profitable crop? For tips on how to cultivate and grow the seeds into large profit by also using the Island Farm, read our Stardew Valley Ancient Seed Guide.


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