10 Games Like Stardew Valley

10 Games Like Stardew Valley

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Dave McAdam


25th Jan 2022 12:25

Late last year, ConcernedApe announced he is working on a new game. A follow-up to his smash hit Stardew Valley, his new title is called Haunted Chocolatier, and it looks pretty great. With pixel art and chill vibes, it seems to be taking the spirit of Stardew Valley in a totally new direction. Unfortunately, there is no word yet on when we might get our hands on it. So in the meantime, here are some games to keep you going!

Games Like Stardew Valley: Harvest Moon

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Harvest Moon is the original chill farming simulator and the original inspiration for Stardew Valley. It originally launched on the SNES in the '90s, and it will look very familiar to any fans of Stardew Valley. It is a two-dimensional pixel art game where you plant crops, build up your farm and interact with the locals.

If you want to see where Stardew Valley came from, check out the original series. There are lots of Harvest Moon games across several systems, so if you're looking for more Stardew it could be worth looking into this classic series.

Games Like Stardew Valley: Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

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Xseed Games

Story of Seasons is arguably the true successor to Harvest Moon, as it is technically the same series. The latest in the series, Pioneers of Olive Town, was released on Nintendo Switch and on Steam in March 2021. It takes the classic aspects of the series into a more modern style. It is a fully 3D modern game, but retains the charm of the classics.

Once again you will be repairing your farm and expanding it to your liking. You get to raise animals and grow crops, with newer features like taking pictures of wild animals. The locals of Olive Town are there for you to interact with, with the ever-present potential for romance. In many ways, this is the modernised version of Harvest Moon. If Stardew Valley had been made by a larger studio, it might have looked something like this.

Games Like Stardew Valley: My Time At Portia

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My Time At Portia is another game that takes heavy inspiration from Harvest Moon. The initial difference is that farming is not the primary concern of the game. In My Time At Portia, your main goal is to renovate your father's workshop. As you rebuild the business, you can take on requests from the townspeople to build things and become part of the community. There is farming as well, as you can turn the surrounding woodland into your own farm.

There is a lot to do in My Time At Portia. There are dungeons to explore and creatures to fight. There are a host of activities you can take part in with the people of Portia. Becoming a member of this little community is the true goal of the game, having lots of fun and adventures along the way.

Games Like Stardew Valley: Moonlighter

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11 bit studios

This is one for those of you who spent more time dungeon crawling than farming in Stardew Valley. Moonlighter has you play as a shopkeeper in a magical medieval town. Your primary goal is to run your shop, but to do so you need gear to sell. This is why you must venture deep into the dungeons, fighting monsters and claiming their loot. Bringing the spoils of your work home to your shop is how you succeed.

Making a profit isn't your only goal, however, as your efforts can benefit the town as a whole. Help your neighbours, and get to know them. Like Stardew Valley, this is a game about community. If those aspects appeal to you, along with plenty of dungeon crawling, Moonlighter is a game for you.

Games Like Stardew Valley: Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

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Prideful Sloth

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is a fantasy game where you return to your homeland of Gemea to make your home. Gemea is an idyllic island with all kinds of terrain. Snowy mountains, wide-open plains, forests and beaches. Yonder doesn't ask much of the player, simply to explore, discover, and make your mark on this little piece of paradise.

The only real threat in the game is the Murk, a miasmatic corruption that taints parts of the island. You must use the power of the Sprites to clear out the Murk and restore the island's beauty. For anyone looking for more of the chill vibes of Stardew Valley, Yonder: The Cloud Catcher is a must-play.

Games Like Stardew Valley: Farm Together

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Milkstone Studios

Did Stardew Valley leave you with the strong urge to do even more farming? Farm Together could be the ideal game for you. Farm Together gives you loads of space to build the farm of your dreams. You can plant crops, grow flowers, and raise extremely cute animals. This is one of the most feature-rich games when it comes to building the farm you want to build.

As the title makes fairly obvious, Farm Together lets you play together. If you have people in your life with whom you want to build an extensive farm, Farm Together is the game for you.

Games Like Stardew Valley: Farming Simulator 22

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GIANTS Software

Okay, did Stardew Valley REALLY leave you with a strong urge to farm? Then how about the most realistic simulation of farming available today. Farming Simulator 22 is exactly what it says it is. If you are interested in the real job of farming, using representations of real farming equipment, and putting the time in to run a farm without actually leaving your home then this is something you should consider.

For many of us, this isn't the most enticing prospect. That said, Farming Simulator 22 is a popular game, so clearly they are doing something right. If you find farming genuinely interesting, then Farming Simulator 22 might be the next step you need.

Games Like Stardew Valley: Slime Rancher

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Monomi Park

Now, for a different kind of farming. On a distant planet, Beatrix LeBeau has become a Slime Rancher. The goal of Slime Rancher is to grow your ranch into a profitable business. You will set out into the world to find and capture slimes of all different kinds. Bringing them back to your ranch, you must keep them healthy and happy. Build pens for them, raise crops to feed them, and expand your ranch.

Slime Rancher is very cute and casual, but there is plenty to concern yourself with. There are lots of upgrades and rewards to chase, but it's entirely up to you how you go about it. Slime Rancher is a great time with some cute little slimes.

Games Like Stardew Valley: Animal Crossing

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This one probably goes without saying, but if you're looking for a pleasant, casual game to unwind with, Animal Crossing is pretty much the number one. No farming per se, unless you include planting trees and flowers. That said, if you want a happy time customising your little part of the world surrounded by very likeable characters, you need to be playing Animal Crossing.

Like Stardew Valley, Animals Crossing doesn't expect much of the player. You don't have a pressing goal to complete, your only objective is to enjoy your time there. Relax, take it easy, and do your thing.

Games Like Stardew Valley: Eastward

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Let's go in a different direction to finish up. If the look of Stardew Valley was the thing that really appealed to you, you might be interested in Eastward. Eastward is a pixel art adventure game about two people getting by in the apocalypse. You will travel across this damaged world, facing challenges and solving puzzles. You will also spend much of your time interacting with the people you meet along the way.

Like Stardew Valley, there are a lot of characters to meet and interact with. There is a lot of heart to this game, it has a lot to offer fans of Stardew Valley. Highly recommend anyone check it out.

Those are our picks for games that fans of Stardew Valley should play! We hope you find something you enjoy, or if you'd like a change of pace then check out our list of games like Grand Theft Auto!


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