Where to find the Knight V vehicle in Sons of the Forest

Where to find the Knight V vehicle in Sons of the Forest
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The Sons of the Forest map is a fairly large place to explore, so making use of a vehicle will make your life much easier. That's where the Knight V comes in handy, allowing you to traverse the terrain quickly and avoid cannibals along the way.

If you need to know where to find it and how to use it in the game, check out its location below.

Where is the Knight V vehicle?

There are several locations where you can pick up a Knight V, which are shown on the map below courtesy of MapGenie - but they're usually located at abandoned camps near tents and supply crates.

the Knight V map locations in Sons of the Forest
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Image via mapgenie.io

When you find one at an Abandoned Camp, it'll look like a simple wheel which you can pick up and then place down to mount. They function similarly to the Hang Gliders and will be left behind when dismounted.

How to use a Knight V in Sons of the Forest

Using the Knight V vehicle just requires you to pick it up and then place it on the ground with a left-click of the mouse. You'll then get on the seat so you can ride around freely. Pressing space twice will dismount you.

Where to find the Knight V vehicle in Sons of the Forest
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The Knight V cannot be added to your inventory, unfortunately, and it'll be left where it is once you dismount.

The vehicle runs off batteries and seems to work better on roads and large open expanses of terrain, meaning it isn’t as well suited to traversal through the forest unless you travel across paths and roads.

However, the vehicle is a great way to travel long distances if you need to get from one side of the coast to the other.

You cannot use the Knight V in caves, and you'll drop it if you use a zipline or start swimming in a body of water. Once you have discovered one, it'll show up on your GPS tracker with an icon. This will be removed, however, once you travel a certain distance away from it.

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