Do trees grow back in Sons of the Forest?

Do trees grow back in Sons of the Forest?
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Crafting in Sons of the Forest requires a lot of different resources, with wood perhaps being the item you need the most, but is it easily replenishable?

The game will see you surviving a cannibal-filled island by building a home base and some defences. If you're worried that chopping down too many trees will change the terrain, check out if they can grow back later on.

Do trees grow back in Sons of the Forest?

Set your minds at rest and continue building your luxury treehouses, because trees in Sons of the Forest will grow back, provided you haven’t cleared out the tree stumps.

Trees will grow back, but the process can take several in-game days. The option to do so cannot be toggled on and off like it could in its predecessor The Forest.

If you clear away tree stumps after cutting down a tree, then they will not grow back. Remember to avoid this unless you wish to keep a specific area clear of trees.

How to get logs in Sons of the Forest

Commanding Kelvin in Sons of the Forest
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You can chop down trees and collect logs from them by using the axe you start the game with. This is inside the Ziplock bag in your inventory.

A great way to save time and energy is by commanding Kelvin to fetch logs for you instead. Here's how to do it:

  • Interact with him by holding the E key when next to him
  • Scroll through the command options and select 'Get'
  • Then choose 'Logs'
  • Finally, select where you want him to place the logs that have been collected

You can now use your Guide Book to see what can be crafted with all the logs you've received.

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