Do trees grow back in Sons of the Forest?

Do trees grow back in Sons of the Forest?
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8th Mar 2023 15:56

Sons of the Forest is a popular crafting survival horror following the hit success of its previous title The Forest. One of the most entertaining aspects of Sons of the Forest is the ability to make a base and customise it as you take shelter from the various dangers of the island. To do so, you'll often need an abundance of logs.

If you're worried that chopping too many trees will change the terrain, read here. We'll tell you if trees grow back once cut down in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest: Do trees grow back?

Sons of the Forest: How to build shelter
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Set your minds at rest and continue building your luxury treehouses, trees in Sons of the Forest will grow back, provided you haven’t cleared out the tree stumps.

Trees will grow back, but the process can take several in-game days. The option to do so cannot be toggled on and off like it could in its predecessor The Forest.

If you clear away tree stumps after cutting down a tree, then they will not grow back. Remember to avoid this unless you wish to keep a specific area clear of trees.

How to get logs in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest: How to command Kelvin
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You can build a variety of bases in Sons of the Forest by using your Guide Book for crafting recipes. To equip your Guide Book and choose the recipe, select it from the inventory screen (press the I key). Once you have it, press the X key to switch it to your left hand and select the 'Shelter' tab at the top.

Here, you can scroll through and see the types of bases you can build, almost all of which will require you to scavenge for logs.

You can chop down trees and collect logs from them by using the axe you start the game with. This is inside the Ziplock bag in your inventory.

A great way to save time and energy is by commanding Kelvin to fetch logs for you instead. To do so, simply interact with him by holding the E key when next to him. Then, scroll through the command options and select 'Get' > 'Logs'> then choose where you want him to place the logs once they are collected.

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