How to recruit Virginia in Sons of the Forest & get new outfits for her

How to recruit Virginia in Sons of the Forest & get new outfits for her
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If you've met the curious mutant lady Virginia in Sons of the Forest, you may be wondering if you can recruit her. Fortunately, even though she is shy at first, it is possible to recruit Virginia in the game and have her carry weapons for you.

The process of earning her trust can take a while, though. Read below to find out how you can get Virginia in Sons of the Forest, how to find her, and where to find outfits for her.

Where is Virginia in Sons of the Forest?

It's speculated among the fanbase that Virginia rarely spawns in the snowy mountains. Instead, she prefers warmer climates, and you are more likely to see her at the beach.

The chances of finding her at the beach are random but improve if you have a base there. This can be as simple as constructing a makeshift tent at the beach with a tarp and a stick.

Virginia in Sons of the Forest
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Her spawns are random and can even happen on your first day on the island. As soon as you see her, make sure you put away anything in your hand or she will get scared and run away.

If she runs away do not chase her, let her calm down and approach you.

How to recruit Virginia in Sons of the Forest

As mentioned, Virginia is a very shy NPC who will run away from you if you have a weapon in your hands. Make sure you put any weapons away as soon as you see her by pressing the G key.

The general consensus is that the best way to recruit Virginia is to stay still and not interact with her. Let Virginia approach you. Repeat the process every time she visits you and she will eventually let her guard down and relax at your camp.

You'll know you've won her over when you get a gift from Virginia and when you get the prompt to give her items when you get close to her.

Who is Virginia?

Virginia is one of the most recognisable NPCs in the game. She wears a blue bathing suit, has extra limbs, and is one of the missing people your team has been sent to find.

Sons of the Forest profile
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It's possible to kill Virginia, but doing so would be a mistake as it is permanent. If you take the time to earn her trust, she will gradually appear at your campsites and relax by your fires. She can carry two weapons at a time, the pistol or the shotgun, and will eventually defend your camp should it be attacked by cannibals.

You can also give her a GPS tracker, ensuring that you keep tabs on her location. This can be helpful as, unlike Kelvin, you cannot command her to follow you.

There are three outfits in the game so far that you can collect and give to Virginia. These are:

  • Camo Suit
  • Dress
  • Track Suit

Where can you find Virginia's outfits?

Virginia in the woods in Sons of the Forest
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If you wish to change out Virginia's appearance, you'll have to find one of the three special outfits she can wear. These are in the following locations:

Camo Suit

Virgina came outfit location in Sons of the Forest
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Inside an abandoned red kayak on the northern beach.


Maintenance A keycard location in Sons of the Forest
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You'll need to walk to Maintenance A, marked on the map above with a glowing green circle. You'll also need the shovel to uncover the bunker here. Once inside the bunker, head towards the room with the loud music. Pick up the Maintenance Card on the desk next to the 3D printer.

Sons of the Forest Virginia dress location
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Now, you need to travel to the dining area of the Food and Dining bunker. You'll need the Maintenance Card to access the area. The bunker location will be on your map with a green glowing circle, marked above.

Track Suit

Sons of the Forest Virgina tracksuit location
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You'll also need the Maintenance Key card to gain this outfit, so follow the steps to acquire the dress first. Once inside the bunker marked on the map above, make your way to the gym where the tracksuit will be on one of the workbenches.

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That's all you need to know about Virginia and recruiting her. If you're looking for more guides check out our Sons of the Forest homepage where we have already covered how to get the Pistol, all Keycard locations, every cave in the game and more.

Kiera is a former GGRecon Guides Writer.

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