The Sims 4 Style Influencer career explained, including cheats

The Sims 4 Style Influencer career explained, including cheats
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The Style Influencer Career has two branches in The Sims 4: Trendsetter and Stylist, adding new gameplay possibilities and some items for your fashionably inclined Sims to use.

Becoming a Style Influencer in the game will unlock more social options and the ability to give makeovers or set fashion trends, which Townies will then dress up in (similarly to how it works for celebrities in the Get Famous Expansion Pack).

So to learn the ins and outs of the career alongside how to progress through it both organically and with cheats if that's more your style (get it?), keep reading.

All Style Influencer career rewards

At different stages of the career, you'll receive different rewards that can be used or placed in the home (alongside a nice promotion bonus of Simoleons, of course):

Level Reward
2 Barely Better Digital Camera
3 Digitalistic Sketchpad
4 All-in-one Powerful PC
5 Willowdale High Boy Dresser
6 (This is when you choose the career branch) OTP Split Mirror
8 Crystal Clear Digital Camera

To reach the higher levels of the career and unlock all of those rewards without cheats, you'll need to perform daily tasks and other options on the PC, which I've broken down further in this guide.

You'll also want to make sure that you're focusing on levelling up a Sim's Photography, Charisma, Painting, and Writing skills. Once you've reached level 10 of the career, you should have at least level nine Charisma, eight in Painting, four in Photography and nine in the Writing skill.

image of a sim drawing on a tablet
Click to enlarge

Style Influencer career interactions

With a Sim employed in the Stylist Influencer career, you'll have access to unique interactions with other Sims. These special interactions will have the stylist icon next to them (shown in the image below) and may be part of an assignment or daily task.

For example, from the first level, you'll be asked to interview Sims as part of a Work From Home Assignment, which is found under 'Friendly > Interests'.

Interaction menu in The Sims 4
Click to enlarge

By level six you'll unlock the interaction to ask other Sims to 'Model Look'. Once this interaction happens, you'll then gain an impression to add to your style board (found in your Sim's household inventory).

You can also 'Assess Impression' from certain decorative items like clocks and paintings which will give your Sim an Inspired moodlet when performed.

At level eight, an interaction for 'Offer To Makeover' will unlock under 'Friendly > Activities', where the chosen Sim will be whisked off into CAS where you can change up their look.

Style Influencer impressions explained

Impressions are a key part of the Stylist Influencer career and will massively boost work performance if completed. Early in the career, you'll receive a Digitalistic Sketchpad.

Use it by clicking on it in your inventory and you'll have the option to create a 'Quick Sketch Impression'. Once the interaction finishes, you can then add that impression onto a style board.

The style board is given to your Sim right from the first level of the career (check your household inventory if you can't find it). It'll slowly grow over time - very slowly, might I add - with more photos, sketches, and fabric swatches appearing as you keep adding impressions to it.

Style Board in The Sims 4
Click to enlarge

Once the board is full after you've added to it a fair amount of times, you'll then receive the option to change the swatch or the look of the board to whichever style you like. You can also create impressions by asking Sims to model a look for you (unlocked at level six of the career), or by creating a photo impression with your phone.

You'll even have the option to 'Infuse Outfit With Mood' once the board has been fully realised, which will last for 12 in-game hours once you've done it.

What daily tasks are there?

Write Articles

Interactions menu for The Sims 4 showing Style Influencer options on the PC
Click to enlarge

Within the Stylist Career, you'll need to level up your writing skill and produce high-quality articles and columns, which is determined by the mood your Sim is in whilst writing (and their skill).

These interactions are all available on a PC under the 'Career…' tab as 'Fashion Blog' and 'Write Style Column', with more unlocking the further along you get in the ladder.

What's more, performing these interactions may also raise a Sim's fame levels if you have Get Famous installed.

Take Photos

A Sim taking photos
Click to enlarge

The 'Photograph Impression' interaction is unlocked at level three of the career, and must be selected from a phone, not a camera. Bizarrely, instead of this being under the camera options on the phone, it's under the entertainment tab (the purple microphone icon). After taking three photos this way, you can add an impression to your style board.

Once the style board is filled, and you can no longer add impressions, you can now change the layout and colours of the board.

Upload Images

Computer interactions on the PC in The Sims 4
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This interaction doesn't actually require you to take any images, but this option (which is found on a PC under 'Social Networking') may also be another of the tasks that you need to complete on any given day.

Create An Outfit Trend

From level seven of the Trendsetter career branch and level 10 of the Stylist branch, you can create fashion trends for both feminine and masculine frames. To do so, simply click on your Sim and choose either 'Create Masculine Trend' or 'Create Feminine Trend'.

Pie menu in The Sims 4 showing the fashion trend
Click to enlarge

You can create up to five feminine and masculine outfits each, which happens gradually as your influence grows.

As you do this, you may start to see some Townies adorning your designs, making this a great option if you're plagued by poorly dressed Sims and aren't using something like MC Command Center (or if you just want to have some fun and dress all your Townies in bear costumes).

Cheats for Style Influencer in The Sims 4

Image showing the cheat box in The Sims4
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If you'd rather cheat your way up the ranks of the Stylist Influencer career to unlock the ability to set trends, you'll first need to enable cheats by bringing up the cheat menu:

  • On PC, simply press CTRL + Shift + C
  • Mac users will want to press Command + Shift +C
  • If you're on console, hold in all four triggers
  • Next, in the white box that pops up, type 'testingcheats on' and press 'Enter'

With that now enabled, you'll then want to enter another cheat, which can be used to promote yourself: 'careers.promote Influencer'.

You can also do the reverse of this if you're looking to cause some storytelling drama by switching out 'promote' for 'demote' in the code.

Skill cheats

If you're not looking to jump right to level 10 of your career but fancy still giving your Sim all the tools they need by bumping up the skills they'll require to progress to the maximum level, you'll want to enter the following codes:

Skill Cheat
Charisma stats.set_skill_level Major_Charisma 10
Painting stats.set_skill_level Major_Painting 10
Photography stats.set_skill_level Major_Photography 10
Writing set_skill_level Major_Writing 10

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Now that you're all up to speed with the Style Influencer career, head over to our homepage for The Sims, where you'll find the best mods to download, a rundown of great trait mods, and all the career cheats you'll need.

Kiera is a former GGRecon Guides Writer.

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