11 best Sims 4 trait mods in 2023: More slots, personality traits, zodiac signs & more

11 best Sims 4 trait mods in 2023: More slots, personality traits, zodiac signs & more
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We've cultivated a list of the best Sims 4 trait mods in 2023 so you don't have to, including diverse traits that can add a fantasy twist to the game, expanding zodiac and personality choices for teens, children and more.

Usually, Sims in The Sims 4 can only have up to three traits at once and these are limited, with Expansions and packs rarely adding new ones to the game.

That's where mods come in to expand the list and allow Sims to have even more personality markers that will affect their moods and activity preferences.

If the limited list of Sims 4 traits is getting stale for you too, then see below for our list of the best Sims 4 trait mods ranked.

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How to install trait mods in The Sims 4

Game options to enable mods in The Sims 4
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Image via Maxis

When downloading CC and mods make sure it's from a reputable source. You may also wish to back up your saved file before implementing mods to avoid save file corruption.

Since their recent collaboration, many Sims modders have uploaded their work via Curseforge here.

Once you have downloaded a mod via any of the links in this guide, make sure to copy the file from your downloads folder (unzip it first if needed), then place it in your mods folder via the following file path:

My Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods

Once pasted in your mods folder, to enable the mods in your game, follow these steps:

Launch the Sims 4 > go to 'Options' > click 'Other' > Tick the 'Enable custom content and mods' box > Restart the game.

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Best Sims 4 trait mods ranked

The following is a list of the best Sims 4 trait mods available currently in 2023. As always, download mods at your discretion as they are not supported by Maxis and you may run into gameplay issues as a result.

#11 Child Exclusive Traits Mod

Screenshot of the Child Exclusive Mod for The Sims 4
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Image via Triplis

This mod features eight new traits that are designed specifically for children. These are an evolution of the current toddler traits in-game. For example, the mod trait 'Fretful' is an evolution of the Fussy toddler trait and grants your children inspirational moodlets when playing an instrument as this is one of the few methods that will calm them down. This will add more versatility to children's personalities.

Mod creator, Triplis, has also expanded these traits further to include a teen variant. The added child traits are as follows (for more information and download links, read Triplis' blog here):

  • Fretful
  • Sensitive
  • Sweetie
  • Sleuth
  • Rocket
  • Tattletale
  • Bold
  • Gigglemeister

#10 Hide or Reveal Pet Quirks!

Promotional image of The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs pack and Hide or Reveal Pet Quirks mod
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Image via EA | spazmunki13

With The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs expansion pets can get randomised 'quirks' which are essentially behavioural quirks that will affect how your pets interact with certain objects and activities.

These usually fall into 'afraid' or 'obsessed' categories where pets will develop a positive obsession with something or will become afraid of something in the home and will negatively react to it. These quirks are hidden unless you go through more gameplay.

With the Hide or Reveal Pet Quirks mod by Spazmunki13, you can reveal the hidden quirks and read up on them. This is essentially a quality-of-life mod for anyone playing with pets in the game and fatigued by the hidden quirks.

#9 Teen Lifestyle Gamepack Mod

Screenshot of the Teen Lifestyle Mod in The Sims 4
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Image via Snowii95

This mod, by creator Snowii95 adds new traits and aspirations for teens that lend themselves well to high school tropes. This could be a great addition if you have The Sims 4: High School Years expansion as it adds the Aspiring Athlete, Emo Soul, Heartbreaker, and Spoiled Brat aspirations which go hand-in-hand with high school life. In true Breakfast Club style, the new traits added with this mod are:

  • Band Nerd
  • Bully
  • Emo
  • Heartbreaker
  • Innocent
  • Jock
  • Nerd
  • Prankster

These allow your teens more freedom to find their personalities and unique social interactions. For download instructions and more information on the mod, visit Snowii95's page here.

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#8 University Trait Pack

Promotional image of The Sims 4 Discover University Pack with additional university trait mod traits
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Image via EA | PimpMySims4

For those of us who highly anticipated The Sims 4: Discover University pack, some aspects of the gameplay fell a little short.

University is a prime time in a Sim's life to make new friends and try new hobbies. As such, a new set of university-related traits can add much more depth to gameplay when playing the pack.

The University Trait Pack by PimpMySims4 does just that, it adds the following university traits to The Sims 4:

  • Coffee Addict
  • Sorority Girl
  • Frat Boy
  • Cognitively Impaired
  • Studious

With these traits you can tell more university storylines and decide whether your sim will use their time at university wisely or will focus on socialising and partying.

#7 Dungeons & Dragons Races as Traits

Screenshot of Dungeons & Dragons Races as Traits Mods in CAS
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Image via Emoria

This entry might be a little niche, however, it doesn't just include Dungeons and Dragons fans, it also caters to any Sims players who are also fans of high-fantasy races and tropes or anyone currently enthralled by Baldur's Gate 3

The Dungeons & Dragons Races as Traits mod by Emoria adds 13 traits to the game which represent all races included in DND 5th ED. When equipped with a racial trait, the sim will have preset features which correspond with the race.

For example, Dwarves gain a bonus for their Handiness and Fitness skills, a night vision buff and a special Dwarven greeting. Half-elves stop ageing when they become an adult, gain an Elvish greeting and bonuses to physical, mental and social skills.

Image of Dungeons & Dragons Races as Traits Mods in CAS
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Image via Emoria

Races will also regard each other either negatively or positively depending on the stereotype. This is an interesting od to download if you're interested in starting a fantasy-themed 'let's play'.

Emoria also has a mod that introduced the alignment system of DND into The Sims 4 if you want to add further customisation to your game. This adds the following alignments:

  • Chaotic Evil
  • Chaotic Good
  • Chaotic Neutral
  • Neutral Good
  • Neutral Evil
  • True Neutral
  • Lawful Good
  • Lawful Evil
  • Lawful Neutral

#6 Misery Traits

Screenshot of the Misery traits mod in The Sims 4 CAS screen
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Image via NateTheL0ser

Misery traits by NateTheL0ser add more versatile, negative traits. These are:

  • Dry Skin
  • Alien Hater
  • Fame Jealous
  • Hates Vampires
  • Allergic To Dogs/Cats
  • Chronic Headaches
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Hay Fever
  • Can’t Stand Cold
  • Hates Heat
  • Allergic To Magic
  • Asthmatic

These mods although seemingly negative add a lot of realism to The Sims, hence its popularity amongst the community with almost 90,000 downloads on Mod the Sims.

The moodlets that the traits give also provide some interesting story scenarios, for example, a child born from spellcasters who is allergic to magic and struggling to find their place in the world. The Fame Jealous trait is also a great option for players who have The Sims 4: Get Famous installed and are bored of NPCs constantly fawning over celebrities and passing out.

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#5 Dale Deaf Trait

Screenshot of the Dale Deaf Trait in The Sims 4
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Image via DaleRune

The Dale Deaf Trait mod by DaleRune is a great addition to The Sims 4, especially if you want more inclusivity amongst your households.

The mod introduces the Deaf trait to the game, as well as Lip Reading and SSL which sims can learn, regardless of whether or not they are deaf. With these, come specific negative and positive moodlets.

Additionally, these traits are allocated via the rewards store, so they won't take up one of your three trait slots in CAS which is an added bonus.

#4 The Sims 4 Royalty Mod

Screenshot of The Sims 4 Royalty Mod
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Image via llazyneiph

The Royalty Mod by llazyneiph is the answer for anyone who has a hankering to play The Sims Medieval again.

The mod adds the 'Monarch' trait which enables your Sim to knight others and bestow titles on them to add to your royal household.

Where other mods may skimp on the details, the Royalty Mod adds expanded gameplay consisting of things such as:

  • A new 'Missing Royal' aspiration where your Sim discovers their secret inheritance
  • New class traits (peasant, middle class and gentry) based on either lot value, household funds, or both
  • Lot traits
  • New social events like coronations and royal audiences
  • Heirs to the throne
  • Royal Family Lore skill
  • New animations

You can go as deeply into the added gameplay aspects as you like. The mod has seen a lot of popularity, especially amongst content creators who play through The Sims Disney Princess challenge.

  • If you want more information about the mod, how to install it and how to complete the 'Missing Royal' aspiration, check out our Sims 4 Royalty Mod guide here

#3 Zodiac Signs Mod

Promo image of the Zodiac traits mod for The Sims 4
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Image via Radiophobe

Created by Radiophobe, this mod adds all the zodiac signs to the game, with certain activities and hobbies being more suited to some signs over others. The mod also introduces compatibility with other sims of specific zodiac types.

Whether you believe in zodiac signs or not, the added compatibility mechanic is an interesting addition that can be played alongside or instead of The Sims 4 Growing Together.

As a homage to the zodiac options in The Sims 2, the traits function as a reward in the aspiration store, so they don’t take up one of the three limited trait slots.

#2 More CAS Traits mod: More Infant traits

Promo image of the More CAS Traits mod
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Images via VickySims.

If you want more trait slots, you'll want to install the more CAS Traits mod by VickySims.

The mod essentially adds more slots for traits so you can assign more than the standard number. Crucially this also includes Infants who can now have two traits assigned to them with the mod.

There are multiple options to choose from, with the highest number of slots being:

  • 2 traits for Infants
  • 3 traits for Toddlers
  • 8 traits for Children
  • 10 traits for Teens
  • 13 traits for Young Adults
  • 15 traits for Adults
  • 13 traits for Elders

There are options for fewer slots too if you're looking to just add one or two slots per life stage. The mod also introduces more trait options, including more traits for Infants.

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What is the best Sims 4 trait mod?

#1 100 Base Game Traits Pack

Promo image of the 100 plus traits mod for The Sims 4
Click to enlarge
Image via Vicky Sims

If you're looking for variety, look no further. Vicky Sims has compiled a package of over one hundred different traits, with distinct buffs and whims. The full table of traits can be found here and includes traits such as determined, eccentric, hyper, optimistic, shy, slow-witted and many more.

Vicky Sims divides the traits into five categories:

  • Stimulation and emotional response
  • Social image and behaviour
  • Expressions in relationships
  • Subjective qualities of Sims' appearance
  • Talents and weaknesses

If you're simply reaching out for more trait choices, this mod will surely suit that need. The mod is popular among the community and is currently the most downloaded trait mod in the curseforge library with 447k downloads. 

That rounds off our list of the best Sims 4 trait mods to download now. If you love the Sims and are looking for something similar to play, check out our list of the best games like The Sims to play on Switch and PC or check our Sims homepage for more tips, tricks and lists.

Kiera is a Guide Writer for GGRecon, with a BA (Hons) in Journalism. When she’s not busy covering either the spookiest or cosiest of games, she can be found toiling hours away into her favourite RPGs like Mass Effect, The Witcher and Baldur’s Gate 3. If DnD is your jam, she also moonlights as a Wildfire Druid.

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