Palworld type chart, strengths & weaknesses explained

Palworld type chart, strengths & weaknesses explained
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Coleman Hamstead


23rd Jan 2024 16:20

Mastering Palworld requires a deep understanding of the type chart. All Pals in Palworld possess an elemental affinity, and every element has elements that it counters and gets countered by.

With that, let's review the game's type chart and the strengths and weaknesses of all the elements in Palworld to help you defeat any opponent you come across out in the Palpagos Islands.

How do types and elements work in Palworld?

A Pal with Active Skills of three different elements in Palworld
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If you're at all familiar with Pokemon, you'll have no issues interpreting the Palworld type chart. The Palworld type chart itself is basically a barebones replica of the Pokemon type chart. It's logical for the most part, too. 

There are nine total elements to fuel the rock-paper-scissors nature of Pal-on-Pal combat in Palworld. If an element is strong against another, it'll inflict bonus damage to Pals of that elemental type. But if an element is weak against another, it'll deal less damage to Pals of that elemental type.

The type chart in Palworld
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Some Pals in Palworld embody multiple elements, increasing the number of Pals they counter but also the number of elements they're vulnerable to.

It's important to note that just because a Pal is of a certain elemental affinity, it doesn't mean that all its Active Skills share the same element. Pals can harness an assortment of elements naturally, and you can teach your Pals Active Skills of different elements with the help of Skill Fruits.

Palworld type chart

Here are all of the elemental types in Palworld alongside their strengths and weaknesses:

Element Strong against Weak against
Fire Grass & Ice Water
Grass Ground Fire
Ground Electric Grass
Electric Water Ground
Water Fire Electric
Ice Dragon Fire
Dragon Dark Ice
Dark Neutral Dragon
Neutral N/A Dark

What is the best type in Palworld?

A quick analysis of the type chart indicates that Fire-type Pals and Fire-based Active Skills are some of the best for battling in Palworld. Fire is strong against both Grass and Ice but weak to only Water. No other element is strong against multiple elements.

Conversely, there's no advantage to fighting with Neutral Pals and Neutral Active Skills, but Neutral Pals are still weak to Dark. Every other element is strong and resistant to at least one elemental type, so Neutral Pals might be worth avoiding (sorry, Melpaca).

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Our best advice is to use a balanced team with different types when you're out exploring so you'll have coverage against most enemies. Then, when you're taking on a powerful boss, make sure you use the type chart above to exploit their specific weaknesses.

Unfortunately, there isn't PvP in Palworld yet, but you can create or join a guild and play co-op or multiplayer with your friends! We've also listed the best starter Pals to get you through the early game.

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