Midnight Suns Best Scarlet Witch Deck

Midnight Suns Best Scarlet Witch Deck
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Tarran Stockton


1st Dec 2022 16:31

You should take a look at our breakdown of the Midnight Suns best Scarlet Witch deck if you want to know how to make use of the chaos sorceress and her powerful AoE abilities. Midnight Suns has a few characters that are unlocked a little later in the story, so you will go most of the game without Wanda on your side. However, once she joins the team you will gain access to the strongest magic character in the game. So, check out what cards we've chosen for the Midnight Suns best Scarlet Witch deck. 

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Midnight Suns Best Scarlet Witch Deck

Midnight Suns Best Scarlet Witch Deck
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Scarlet Witch's main strengths come from her use of area of effect (AoE) abilities, meaning she can damage or apply statuses to multiple enemies in the combat arena at once. Some of these also require Wanda to get physically close to the enemies, which is where her passive, Wrong Place, Wrong Time, comes into play. This gives her a chance to randomly debuff a nearby enemy at the start of each turn. 

Here's our recommended Scarlet Witch deck:

  • Hex Bolt+
  • Hex Bolt+
  • Hex Field+
  • Quick Toss+
  • Hex Mark+
  • Unleashed+
  • Detonate+
  • Chaos Reigns+

Quick Toss+ and the Hex Bolt+ cards are Wanda's standard attack cards. Quick Toss+ allows her the chance to refund a card play, and the Hex Bolt+ cards become powerful with each use, letting you chain an additional attack each time. These are important cards for the times that you don't have the means to move Wanda, or the heroism to use her more powerful cards, giving you a strong core for the rest of her abilities.  

Unleashed+ is arguably the most important card in the deck, as it increases the size of her AoE abilities by 40%, making the other four cards in the deck even more powerful. You'll want to use this whenever you plan on playing an AoE card. 

Hex Mark+ applies 2 marked to enemies in an area, which is a very good way to get card refunds and carry on your turn for a long time. Hex Field+ is another attack card that deals damage in a radius around Wanda. You'll usually need movement to make the most of this card, as you'll have to actively seek out opportunities to get in the middle of lots of enemies. 

Finally, we have the heroic cards, which are the cornerstones of our Scarlet Witch deck. Detonate+ lets you detonate an explosive in the combat arena with double the radius and damage, which can eviscerate a whole group of enemies easily. Combined with Unleashed+ card, the explosive radius will genuinely take up most of the space in the combat arena, all without damaging Wanda or her allies. 

Chaos Reigns+ on the other hand, lets you select an area and force all the enemies within to attack each other, with a 50% chance for them to attack twice. If you can use this card on elites and villains, they can easily take each other out or drop each other to incredibly low health, letting you mop up the rest. 

Overall, Scarlet Witch's AoE cards are some of the most powerful abilities in the game, and with the deck listed above, it will give you an even better chance of making the most of her incredibly strong kit. 

That's all for our Midnight Suns best Scarlet Witch deck, and now you know what cards turn the chaos sorceress into the most powerful magic character in the game. 

Here's our primer on how to solve the Midnight Suns Witch's Trial challenge, which requires you to master Scarlet Witch's offensive capabilities. 

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