How Does Lost Ark Tier System Work In End-Game?

How Does Lost Ark Tier System Work In End-Game?
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18th Feb 2022 17:11

The Lost Ark tiers are a way of gating off end-game content that your character isn't powerful enough to attempt yet.

Lost Ark's end-game is flush with content, from dungeons, raids, events, and much more. These have a range of difficulties though, and the tier system is a way of denoting that, based on your equipped item level. For a rundown of the Lost Ark tiers, including how they work and what activities they relate to, we've got you covered. 

Lost Ark Tiers: What Is The Tier System?

Once players reach combat level 50 in Lost Ark, they will officially be in the end-game portion of content. After this, your only mark of progress is from your equipped item level, which needs to be around 250 before you can start taking part in a lot of the activities. This is improved with Lost Ark Harmony Shards and can reach into the thousands as you progress through the end-game. 

The tiers range from one to three, and concern the Lost Ark dungeons, which are the Chaos and Abyssal Dungeons, the Guardian Raids, and The Tower which consists of Shadespire and Fatespire. Typically, the rewards you gain from a tier are used for the next tier too, so it's a fairly standard progression forward. 

Lost Ark Tiers: Abyssal Dungeons

Lost Ark Tiers abyssal dungeon
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There are five Abyssal Dungeons tabs you access when in a major city, that split into a further two dungeons that each increase in difficulty and the required item level. Below we'll list the tiers, dungeon names, and the required item level for each one.

Tier One

  • Ancient Elveria - 340
  • Phantom Palace - 460

Tier Two

  • Ark of Arrogance - 840
  • Gate of Paradise - 960

Tier Three

  • Oreha's Well - 1325

Lost Ark Tiers: Chaos Dungeons

Lost Ark Tiers chaos dungeon
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There are also five different Chaos Dungeons, but each one has its own levels that rise in difficulty. Below we'll note the name of the dungeon, and the item level needed for the first and last level.

Tier One

  • North Vern - 250/420
  • Rohendel - 460/580

Tier Two

  • Yorn - 600/920
  • Feiton - 960/1080

Tier Three

  • Punika - 1100/1400


Lost Ark Tiers: Guardian Raids

Lost Ark Tiers Guardian Raids
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Guardian Raids are special boss fights that you access. There are five levels of Raids, and each one has different fights that scale in difficulty. Below we will list the name of the Guardian, along with its required item level.

Tier One

  • Ur'nil - 302
  • Lumerus - 340
  • Icy Legoros - 380
  • Vertus - 420
  • Chromanium - 460
  • Nacrasena - 500
  • Flame Fox Yoho - 540
  • Tytalos - 580

Tier Two

  • Dark Legoros - 802
  • Helgaia - 840
  • Calventus - 880
  • Achates - 920
  • Frost Helgaia - 960
  • Lava Chromanium - 1000
  • Levanos - 1040
  • Alberhastic - 1080

Tier Three

  • Armored Nacrasena - 1302
  • Igrexion - 1330
  • Night Fox Yoho - 1360
  • Velganos - 1385

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Lost Ark Tiers: The Tower

Lost Ark Tiers tower
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Lastly is The Tower activities, which consists of Shadespire and Fatespire. These are both towers that you climb up, level by level, fighting increasingly harder enemies to get better loot. Below we will list the item level that you will need to first take part in each of these. 

Tier One

  • Shadespire - 302
  • Fatespire - 802

That's our breakdown of the Lost Ark tiers, and how they relate to the end-game activities of dungeons, raids, and The Tower.

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