How to get the Song of Spring in Lost Ark

How to get the Song of Spring in Lost Ark
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26th Apr 2022 13:09

The Lost Ark Song of Spring is one of the most sought-after piece of music in the game, but it's difficult to find due to where it's located and the quest you will need to finish. Lost Ark has many pieces of music which players can use to earn collectibles, complete quests and gain rapport with NPCs. So read on to learn how to find the Lost Ark Song of Spring. 

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Lost Ark Song Of Spring: How To Get The Song Of Spring?

Lost Ark Song Of Spring
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Once you have arrived at the island, you will need to search for the NPC called Eunsun, so you can begin the main questline. This will start with The Garden Path quest, where you will need to venture into a nearby garden, before picking up fallen fruit and eating it. Return to Eunsun to hand in the quest, and you will get a second quest - Shangra's Pure Energy. 

This quest is fairly straightforward, as you need to perform an emote called /spiritrecovery in front of Eunsun. Afterwards you'll be tasked with finding pure energy on the island and doing the emote again. Return to Eunsun once more, and then find the object she directs you toward to complete the quest. Afterwards you will be given some silver, Roster XP, two Epic Rapport Chests for the Lost Ark Rapport system, and the Song of Spring. 

Lost Ark Song Of Spring: Where To Find Shangra?

Lost Ark Song Of Spring shangra
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It's a long process to grab the Song of Spring, but you will need to start by making your way to the Lost Ark Shangra Island. This island can spawn in three locations and only does so at certain times, but we cover the exact places in our Shangra guide in the link above. It's best to wait until the end-game before doing this, as you will need access to Lost Ark ships, and be at least equipped item level 460. 

That's our walkthrough for earning the Lost Ark Song of Spring, and now you know what quests you need to finish on Shangra to get it. 

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