Lost Ark Rapport: How to increase your relationship with NPCs

Lost Ark Rapport: How to increase your relationship with NPCs
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14th Feb 2022 11:02

The Lost Ark rapport system lets you build strong relationships with NPCs across the game to earn a manner of rewards, and it's quite important for making the most out of your playtime.

Lost Ark has finally been released in the west, and millions are rushing in to experience the new MMO action RPG. There is a ridiculous amount of content you can partake in for levelling your characters, and rapport is an essential way to do so. For a rundown of the Lost Ark rapport system, including how it works and what benefits you can reap, read on.

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Lost Ark Rapport: What Is Rapport?

Lost Ark Rapport
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Simply put, rapport is a system that lets you build friendships with select NPCs across Lost Ark. Pressing ALT+N will bring up the rapport system menu, which highlights the NPCs in your region that you can increase your rapport with. It shows the unlock requirements to start building rapport with NPCs, along with what rewards you can earn, and the types of gifts they prefer. You can also identify these NPCs on the mini-map by looking for the heart icon.

You gain rewards for hitting certain rapport thresholds too, with select rewards earned at Normal, Amicable, Friendly, and Trusted levels of friendship. These rewards become very important during the end-game, as they increase your power potential and performance across a myriad of tasks. 


Different NPCs will have different rewards, but most of them encompass the same things. One of the best rewards are the cards, which can be used to add roster bonuses for all your characters. You will also gain currency, cosmetics, skill points, unique titles, and obviously experience. 

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Lost Ark Rapport: How To Increase Rapport

Lost Ark Rapport increasing rapport
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When it comes to improving your friendships with NPCs for the Lost Ark rapport system, it's a lot like real life - just without all the levelling bars. Like we stated previously, NPCs have gift preferences that show up on the rapport screen, so gifting them the things that they like, will improve their mood towards you. 

You can also play songs they like, use specific emotes such as dancing, and complete quests for them to increase rapport. The quests are typically quite simple, and - early on at least - they don't require you to travel much. It's a good way to kill two birds with one stone by doing these quests, as the experience gain is well-needed in the early game, and you can start rapport building early for the late-game benefits. 

That's our primer on the Lost Ark rapport system, and now you should know how the feature works, and what benefits can be gained from it.

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