Lost Ark Revelry Row: How To Earn The Island Token

Lost Ark Revelry Row: How To Earn The Island Token
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22nd Aug 2022 16:23

The Lost Ark Revelry Row island has one of the more unique aesthetics of all the islands, and its Island Token can be tough to earn due to the long quest associated with it.Collecting Island Tokens is an important part of the end-game portion of content for Lost Ark, as it gives you a chance to continue levelling and lets you earn powerful rewards. So take a look at how to find and earn the Lost Ark Revelry Row Island Token.

Lost Ark Revelry Row: Where Is It?

Lost Ark Revelry Row location
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Revelry Row is one of the northernmost islands in the game's ocean, sitting just underneath the continent of North Vern. More specifically, it can be found in the Ethulia Ocean. Players will need access to the Lost Ark ships before they can visit, and it's suggested you reach combat level 50 and equipped item level 250 beforehand. 

Arriving at the island should key you in on why it's such a unique place amongst the rest of the islands in the game. There is a permanent club situated there, with a huge dance floor in the middle of the island and lots of patrons enjoying themselves. However, the most important aspect of the island is its Island Token.


Lost Ark Revelry Row: Island Token

Lost Ark Revelry Row man
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To begin the quest that rewards you with the Lost Ark Revelry Row Island Token, you will firstly need to complete up to six days of the Una Daily task called "Cocktail in Hand" for the island. Una tasks can be accessed with ALT+J. After this, head to Revelry Row and talk to the Revelry Row Manager.

Once you have begun the Unbreakable Beat quest, it will give you a series of tasks to complete, such as complete a Ghost Ship, enter a Lost Ark Gate of Harmony, and complete up to level 25 of Shadowspire. Heading to a place called Harmony Island once these tasks are complete will allow you to finish the quest and gain the much-needed Island Token.

There are other things to do on the island after this, such as more chain quests that lead you toward the Island Tokens for other islands, and two Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds

That's our rundown of the Lost Ark Revelry Row island, and now you know where to locate it, along with how to gain the Island Token. 

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