Lost Ark Harmony Island: How To Get The Harmony Island Token In Lost Ark

Lost Ark Harmony Island: How To Get The Harmony Island Token In Lost Ark
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19th Aug 2022 09:34

Lost Ark Harmony Island forced players to team up with each other to take on a series of cooperative quests, all in the name of earning the collectible Island Token. While the Island Tokens are always a nice reward for taking part in the islands of Lost Ark, sometimes you can earn extra rewards such as songs to fill your music book, and Harmony Island offers players a chance to earn the Song of Heavenly Harmony. So if you want to earn some sheet music and get the Lost Ark Harmony Island Token, we've got you covered. 

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Lost Ark Harmony Island: How To Find Harmony Island

Lost Ark Harmony Island location
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As adventure island, Harmony Island doesn't appear in-game every day as it's on a somewhat randomised schedule. To check whether it will spawn up, you will need to navigate to your Procyon's Compass below the minimap. This will give you a timer, so you can be ready to get into the island once it's available.

Harmony Island is located on the very west of the world map, just off the coast of Rohendel, meaning the best way to get there is from the Soaring Harbour to the south. You can find the Lost Ark Phantom Wing Island just to the south as well.


Lost Ark Harmony Island Token

Lost Ark Harmony Island token
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Once you are on the island, there are a series of cooperative quests you will need to finish so that you can get the Island Token. Before this, head to the first NPC you see after arriving, and speak to them to begin the Heavenly Harmony quest. You just have to chat to them again to finish it, and this will open up the three quests you will need to complete so you can get a chance at earning the token. 

The three cooperative quests will involve you and other players watering flowers with spring water, collecting special pollen, and playing the Serenade of Love song. Upon completing one of these quests, you will earn one of three chests which have a chance of dropping the Harmony Island Token, along with the Heavenly Harmony song which is necessary for finishing the Lost Ark Azure Wind Island quest. As you have a chance of getting the token from three different chests, you shouldn't have to repeat this island much. 

That's all for our breakdown of the Lost Ark Harmony Island, and now you know where to find the island and earn its token.

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