Is Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer?

Is Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer?
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12th Jan 2023 13:19

You may wonder if there is any Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer as the game approaches its February 10 release date. Hogwarts Legacy is a huge role-playing game set in the Wizarding World, popularised by the Harry Potter novels. Many players are eager to explore Hogwarts and learn magic, but others are wondering if they can do any of this with friends. So, take a look at our answer to the question, is Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer?

Is Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer?

Avalanche Studios has confirmed Hogwarts Legacy will be an RPG experience that follows in the footsteps of the Fallout and Assassin's Creed franchises. Although there will be a suitably massive world that extends past the castle to the Forbidden Forest, Hogsmeade, and beyond, you'll have to go it alone.

By the sounds of it, the opportunities to learn new spells and level up your young character lend themselves to the game's RPG formula. It means there won't be issues with having to balance a whole host of players at different levels.

A lot of work has clearly gone into making Hogwarts Legacy an immersive single-player game that tries to capture the "magic" of the story. Just like the Harry Potter games of old, NPCs are sure to play a big part. Of course, we know how throwing other players into the mix can complicate things.

Could Hogwarts Legacy Add Multiplayer?

Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer
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Remembering that Warner Bros. Interactive purchased Avalanche from Disney in 2017 - and footage of Hogwarts Legacy leaked in 2018 - we know the title has been in the works for several years. With so much work having gone into Hogwarts Legacy, we guess there's scope for WB to expand beyond the base game. It's easy to imagine DLCs that could take us to the likes of the Ministry of Magic or Gringotts bank, but what if a multiplayer element is also on the cards?

You only have to look at the success of Grand Theft Auto V and its GTA Online spinoff to see how things could work. Sure, Hogwarts Legacy is a single-player RPG for now, but who's to say it can't add an MMO aspect to ensure longevity?

We'd argue that a magical MMO has the potential to even top GTA Online in terms of popularity. Considering there's been so much hype for an open-world Harry Potter game, just imagine what that would be like if we took it online.

Whether Hogwarts Legacy goes multiplayer or not, we've got to admit that Quidditch (which isn't even in the game) would be a lot more fun with you and your mates swooping around the pitch on broomsticks and whacking a Bludger at your House rivals. Regardless, it seems there's a lot on offer for players to sink their teeth into.

That's all for our explainer of whether Hogwarts Legacy will have multiplayer, and now you know it's intended to be a solely single-player experience.

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