Where to find Dogweed and Deathcap in Hogwarts Legacy

Where to find Dogweed and Deathcap in Hogwarts Legacy
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15th Mar 2023 15:57

In Hogwarts Legacy, Dogweed And Deathcap sells a variety of plants and seeds which you'll need during your Hogwarts Legacy playthrough. In particular, it sells Mandrakes, Chinese Chomping Cabbage and Venomous Tentacular, all of which are useful combat tools.

These various plants are needed to complete Professor Garlick's assignments and learn new spells like Wingardium Leveosa. The shop can be easy to miss as it is on the outskirts of Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy. Read here, we'll tell you how to find the shop, what it stocks and any other points of interest nearby in the game.

Disclaimer: While the creator of the Harry Potter franchise was not directly involved in the creation of Hogwarts Legacy, their comments on social media around transgender people are hurtful and dangerous given the size of their platform. 

We’d implore you to read our explainer of the controversy so far, and consider supporting trans rights charities where possible.

Hogwarts Legacy Dogweed and Deathcap location

Hogwarts Legacy Dogweed And Deathcap Location
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As mentioned above, Dogweed and Deathcap is located along the outskirts of the Hogsmeade map. The icon for the shop looks like a mushroom, toggle your waypoint in the location shown above and walk around the upper cliffs of Hogsmeade to get to the shop.

Once there, you'll notice a lunar moth puzzle. The empty photo frame sits in the right corner of the shop. When you cast Lumos near the empty frame you'll see an image of a chimney pop up.

Hogwarts Legacy Dogweed And Deathcap Moth Puzzle
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To reunite the lost moth to the frame you must travel to the destination it shows. Go outside of the shop and climb on the ledge to the right of it. Walk around the back of the shop and you'll see the chimney with the lost moth next to it. Cast Lumos so the moth flies to your wand and lead it back to the frame to complete the puzzle.

There is also a white chest with eyes within the shop and another placed on some stairs leading up from the chimney outside. To access the chests and get 500 galleons apiece from them, simply cast the Disillusionment spell and open them whilst sneaking.

Hogwarts Legacy Dogweed And Deathcap Inventory

Where to get plant seeds in Hogwarts Legacy
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The main purpose of Dogweed and Deathcap is to sell carnivorous plants which can be used in combat. These are Mandrake, Venomous Tentacular and Chinese Chomping Cabbage, all of which provide different attacks in combat. The vendor here also sells the seeds for these plants so you can grow them yourself.

If you move your cursor over each seed packet description, it will tell you the size of the pot it needs to grow in. For example, the Venomous Tentacular needs a large pot to grow in.

To grow these, you must have unlocked the Room of Requirement by progressing far enough through the main questline. You must also unlock the recipes for different-sized pots from Tomes and Scrolls, another shop located in Hogsmeade.

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