Genshin Impact Wind Chaser Event: How To Join, Complete And Rewards

Genshin Impact Wind Chaser Event: How To Join, Complete And Rewards
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19th Oct 2022 15:38

Genshin Impact has released its new Wind Chaser event which challenges players to complete daily Galezone challenges, from October 17 to October 31. The Genshin Impact Galezone challenges entail collecting Windcoins under a time limit and performing Windgrasper challenges. To learn what that means and how you can compete in the Wind Chaser Event, read here.

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Genshin Impact Wind Chaser Event: Prerequisites

To join the Wind Chaser event, you must be Adventurer Level 20 or above.

You can participate in the event during solo play or with one other player in co-op mode. If you chose to play in co-op, both players must complete the challenges.

Genshin Impact Wind Chaser Event: How To Join

Genshin Impact Wind Chaser Domain location
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Follow the map marker which will lead you to the mysterious Domain in Mondstadt, southwest of the Dawn Winery and east of the Stone Gate.

Once there, you will see a Domain gate which will take you to the event trials. The trials are called Galezone Challenges, of which there will be one per day that will unlock as the event continues for a total sum of five challenges to be completed.

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Genshin Impact Wind Chaser Event: How To Complete

Genshin Impact Windcoins and windgraspers
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The Windchaser domain looks like any other, you must navigate through it and defeat the enemies scattered within the ruins. Once you defeat enemies, they will drop Windcoins. You must acquire 25 Windcoins before the time runs out to pass the challenge.


There is also a level of platforming required to reach the other Windcoins on platforms. You'll see 'Strange Mechanisms' scattered around the ruins; these look like geometric squares with wind circulating within them. This is a wind current which will help you reach higher places, rotate them to change the direction the wind is blowing for optimal use. Collect the Windcoins on the newly accessible areas before the mini clock runs out of time to complete the Windgrasper Challenges within the domain.

Each day you'll be given the chance to join new Wind Chaser challenges, however, they all follow an extremely similar pattern. Read below for a full list of rewards you can get for participating.

Genshin Impact Wind Chaser Event Rewards

Genshin Impact Wind Chaser Event Rewards
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Each day you complete one of the Wind Chaser events, you'll receive the following items for a total of x5 each:

  • Primogems x80
  • Mora x60,000
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x6
  • Guide to Freedom x2
  • Hero's Wit x3
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