Genshin Impact 4.1 character tier list & best characters for all elements

Genshin Impact 4.1 character tier list & best characters for all elements
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Genshin Impact has a lot of characters, and it's not always clear who you should use. Our Genshin Impact 4.1 character tier list will show you the best characters for each element, as well as a quick rundown of why those characters are so strong.

If you want to succeed you'll need to build a team that combines different elements to make sure you're getting lots of reactions and status effects in combat. If you've got a gap on your team that you're looking to fill, this guide will help you decide who to use in the game.

Of course you'll need to be lucky enough to pull some of these characters if you want to use them. I know I've had trouble getting top-tier characters in the past, but there are usually enough free rewards going around to at least give you a chance.

So without further ado, let's take a look at the tier list for each element in Genshin Impact, from Anemo to Pyro!

Best Genshin Impact characters - Anemo

Wanderer from Genshin Impact
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Tier Characters
S-tier Wanderer, Kazuha, Venti
A-tier Jean, Xiao
B-tier Lynette, Sucrose, Heizou, Faruzan
C-tier Sayu, Traveler


Wanderer, also known as Scaramouche, is definitely one of the best Anemo characters in the game. His DPS can get pretty huge, and he can generate plenty of elemental reactions to defeat enemies. He's got a unique, fun play style too, so he's worth considering for your team.


Kazuha is another excellent Anemo character thanks to his great utility abilities. He can group up enemies with his skill and make them an easy target for DPS. He can also buff your team, provide reactions and more.


Venti is one of the first 5-star characters to be introduced in the game. Surprisingly, he has managed to stand the test of time and remains one of the most versatile Anemo characters in the game. As the Anemo Archon, you'd expect him to be pretty powerful and he certainly is.

Best Genshin Impact characters - Cryo

Ganyu from Genshin Impact
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Tier Characters
S-tier Ganyu, Ayaka, Shenhe
A-tier Eula, Qiqi, Diona
B-tier Rosaria, Mika, Layla, Freminet
C-tier Kaeya, Chongyun, Aloy


Ganyu is an older character but still an absolute beast when played correctly. Her Elemental Burst is huge for Cryo application, and her skill keeps enemies far away to make sure you don't get swarmed.


Ayaka has huge Cryo damage compared to the rest of the roster, making her an excellent choice for a Cryo DPS character. She's not very versatile, but you won't need to use her for any other role - her damage is too high to consider anything else but pure DPS. She'll apply Cryo quickly and efficiently and cut through enemies with ease.


Shenhe fits well on certain team comps as a niche Cryo character. She's not quite on the level of Ganyu or Ayaka, but she's fun to use with her Icy Quill skill and she can tear through enemy resistances. Consider her if you're looking for a specific character like her, as she won't fit in every team.

Best Genshin Impact characters - Dendro

Nahida from Genshin Impact.
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Tier Characters
S-tier Baizhu, Alhaitham, Nahida
A-tier Tighnari, Kirara
B-tier Yaoyao, Kaveh, Traveler
C-tier Collei


Baizhu is one of the better healers in Genshin Impact 4.0. He isn't the best when it comes to Dendro damage, but he more than makes up for that with his heals and shields. It's important to have a support on your team and Baizhu will work very well in that role.


As far as Dendro DPS goes, Alhaitham is one of the best right now. With the right team behind him, he can truly excel. You need to keep him on the field to get the most out of him, so pair him with characters who can deal damage when off the field to trigger those reactions.


Nahida is another amazing Archon, with off-field Dendro damage and helpful buffs for her and her team. She's an excellent pick for your team if you have her, with an awesome Elemental Burst and great reaction generation.

Best Genshin Impact characters - Electro

Raiden from Genshin Impact.
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Tier Characters
S-tier Raiden, Yae Miko, Fischl
A-tier Keqing, Cyno, Kuki
B-tier Beidou, Kujou Sara, Razor
C-tier Lisa, Dori, Traveler


The Electro Archon is definitely one of the best Electro characters in Genshin Impact. She has immense DPS potential and supportive abilities too. You won't regret slotting Raiden Shogun onto your team.

Yae Miko

Yae Miko can deal big area-of-effect damage with her skills, and while she might not be as strong as Raiden, she's still one of the better Electro characters you can go for. Absolutely worth considering for your team if you've unlocked her!


Fischl has been a top-tier pick for a team since the game came out. She can leave her Night Raven on the field to deal damage even when you've switched characters, making her a great character for generating elemental reactions and extra damage to supplement your main DPS.

Best Genshin Impact characters - Geo

Zhongli from Genshin Impact.
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Tier Characters
S-tier Zhongli
A-tier Itto, Albedo
B-tier Gorou, Yun Jin, Noelle
C-tier Traveler, Ningguang


Zhongli is unquestionably the best Geo character in Genshin Impact 4.0 thanks to his incredible shielding. He can protect himself and his team while dishing out solid damage, making him a versatile character and an easy pick for the top of the Geo element.


Arataki Itto is a fun DPS character to use, and he's also one of the better Geo characters in the game. He hits hard and deals huge damage to enemies with skills. You can't go wrong with him as your main DPS.


Albedo excels at zoning enemies and providing DPS off-field. He can leave zones on the battlefield to generate AoE damage, then you can switch to other synergising characters and make the most of his leftover skills with any strong DPS.

Best Genshin Impact characters - Hydro

Nilou from Genshin Impact.
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Tier Characters
S-tier Xingqiu, Yelan, Kokomi, Nilou, Neuvillette
A-tier Tartaglia/Childe, Ayato, Mona
B-tier Barbara
C-tier Taveler, Candace


Yelan is an amazing bow user in Genshin Impact. She can excel in multiple roles, something many characters are incapable of doing. Her damage output can be huge, but she can be an amazing support on a team too.


One of the best 4-star options for a long time, Xingqiu is well worth considering for your team. He's a brilliant sub-DPS character that works well with many teams thanks to his skills. His ability to leave Rain Swords on the field allows him to synergise perfectly with other characters through reactions.


Nilou isn't always a top character, but on Dendro teams she can really excel. If you've got a Dendro team you can slot Nilou in and make use of her ability to boost the rate you can create Dendro Cores. The more Dendro characters get added, the better Nilou becomes.

Best Genshin Impact characters - Pyro

Hu Tao from Genshin Impact
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Tier Characters
S-tier Hu Tao, Bennett, Lyney
A-tier Xiangling, Yoimiya, Diluc
B-tier Klee, Thoma, Dehya, Yanfei
C-tier Xinyan, Amber

Hu Tao

Hu Tao is currently the best Pyro DPS character in the game. I was lucky enough to pull her, and with buffs to Hydro Resonance, Hu Tao has become a major force to be reckoned with. Her total damage is determined by her health, and Hydro Resonance boosts team HP, meaning Hu Tao synergises very well when you have multiple Hydro characters.


Bennett has been an excellent Pyro support character in Genshin Impact ever since the game first came out. He outperforms most other 4-star characters, providing tons of heals and damage boosts to the team. He's a staple of many teams and well worth a spot on your team.


Xiangling can throw out a fiery panda bear to deal damage to enemies near it. This is super helpful because it sticks around when you switch her out, meaning you can combine the panda bear's fire damage with another character's element for big damage!

For more Genshin Impact, keep an eye on our homepage. Or for more info on our Pyro character tier list, check out our full guide!

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