Best Pyro characters in Genshin Impact: Full tier list

Best Pyro characters in Genshin Impact: Full tier list
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12th Oct 2023 09:14


There are lots of characters in Genshin Impact, and plenty of them are Pyro users, so here are the ones that are best to use as you explore the world of Teyvat.

The Pyro element has changed a lot over time as more characters have been introduced to the game. Diluc used to be a top-tier DPS character in Genshin Impact, carrying me through all of Mondstadt and Liyue, but as more Pyro characters arrived, he somewhat fell off.

Meanwhile, characters like Bennett have managed to remain consistent ever since they were first released, and new characters have made a big impact on the overall rankings. So without further ado, let's take a look at the current tier list rankings for all of the Pyro characters in Genshin Impact.

All Genshin Impact Pyro characters ranked from best to worst

A pyro character from Genshin Impact, who appears in our tier list
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Before we dive into the details, here is an overview of how we've ranked each of the best Genshin Impact Pyro characters in a tier list:

Tier Characters
S Hu Tao, Bennett, Lyney
A Xiangling, Yoimiya
B Diluc, Klee, Thoma, Dehya, Yanfei
C Xinyan, Amber

Now that you've seen the overview, let's take a closer look at what makes each of these characters tick, and which ones are best for each class.

S-tier Pyro characters in Genshin impact

Hu Tao from Genshin Impact.
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Hu Tao

Hu Tao is one of the best DPS characters and the best Pyro DPS character in Genshin Impact. Thanks to buffs to team HP through Hydro Resonance, Hu Tao has become even more of a force to be reckoned with. Her damage is determined by her health, so HP buffs help Hu Tao a lot.

Hu Tao has huge damage from her charged attacks, high crit damage and provides bonuses to the rest of your party. Overall, you can't go wrong with her as your Pyro DPS character. Pair her with multiple Hydro characters to make the most of her kit.


Bennett has been an excellent support ever since the start of the game. He has consistently outperformed over 4-star characters for years, making him an easy choice for the best Pyro support in the game.

He can heal the team and provide damage boosts, which are both amazing to have on pretty much any team. What's more, you don't need to be on the field to do it, as Bennett leaves behind these buffs for other characters to use.


Just like Hu Tao, Lyney is another top-tier Pyro DPS character. While he doesn't quite surpass Hu Tao, you can't really go wrong with Lyney.

He's a main DPS bow user and he can taunt enemies while his magic hat absorbs their damage. While they're distracted you can blast them with big Pyro damage. He can even turn into a cat!

A-tier Pyro characters in Genshin Impact

Xiangling from Genshin Impact.
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Another Pyro character that has been great ever since the start of the game is Xiangling. She can throw out her fire-breathing panda bear to burn targets in its vicinity.

This will stick around even after you switch her out, allowing you to combine her Pyro damage from the bear with another element and cause massive reactions. I've used her abilities to great effect - and she's pretty easy to play too.


Yoimiya is also a great option for a Pyro character. She's a Pyro archer, and a huge improvement over the previous one in Amber.

She has quite a unique playstyle compared to the other Pyro characters, with the ability to work as a DPS character both on and off the battlefield.

B-tier Pyro characters in Genshin Impact

Diluc from Genshin Impact.
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While Diluc is no longer the best Pyro DPS character in the game, he is still a solid choice for a team. He deals huge damage due to his high attack and crit rate stats, and he's easy to play. I've used him for most of the game - he can tear through enemies with ease, but might not be as effective once you get to the hardest content the game has to offer.


She might be small but Klee's very dangerous on the right squad. She has a lot of Pyro damage that she can spread around, but she has quite a short range which can make her a bit harder to use.


Thoma has the potential to be one of the better Pyro characters in the game. He synergises perfectly with Dendro thanks to the Burgeon reaction, so depending on your team set-up he can do pretty well or he can do really well.


Dehya's ability to do constant damage when she's not on the field is very helpful, but she has to compete with characters like Xiangling in that role, making her somewhat weaker overall. She's a solid pick if you want to use her, but she might not be able to dish out the damage you're hoping for.


Unfortunately, Yanfei falls on the lower end of B tier, but that doesn't mean she's bad by any means. If you want a character that can cause reactions she's able to fill that role just like the other characters before her, and she has solid damage. She's just not quite as impressive as other characters higher on the list.

C-tier Pyro characters in Genshin Impact

Amber from Genshin Impact.
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The first character in C tier is Xinyan. She's not able to keep up with other DPS characters when it comes to her damage, and has to hit multiple enemies to maximise her skill's potential, making her even weaker in boss fights against a single large enemy. She has a bit of utility, but she falls behind.


Unfortunately, Amber is the worst Pyro character in the game. She simply can't contend with stronger characters due to her relatively weak kit.

It's expected, as she's one of the first characters you'll ever unlock, but even the other early-game free characters are typically better than Amber. With that said, she's still a usable option if you're lacking other Pyro characters.

For more guides to help you explore Teyvat, check out our Genshin Impact homepage. Alternatively, our full character tier list has a rundown of which characters are the best for each element.

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