How to find the Fecund Blessings in Genshin Impact

How to find the Fecund Blessings in Genshin Impact
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7th Oct 2022 13:30

The Afterparty is part three of the Genshin Impact of Ballad and Brews event. During this Genshin Impact event, you'll need to locate special hampers called Fecund Blessings all over Mondstadt. To find all the Fecund Blessings and complete day three of the event, read here.

Where are all the Fecund Blessings in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact The Afterparty: All Fecund Blessings Locations
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The following are all Fecund Blessing locations within the Mondstadt region for part three of the event, The Afterparty.



Fecund Blessing One

From the Springvale waypoint travel forwards (south) up the town steps and past Draff's house. The hamper is above Draff's house on a cliff.

Fecund Blessing Two

Travel to the Springvale waypoint and walk northeast (left) to the wooden platform with market stalls. The hamper will be located directly behind the wooden billboard and Annette.

Fecund Blessing Three

Teleport to the Forsaken Rift domain. The hamper is north of here, on an outcropping of rock beneath the waterfall.

Fecund Blessing Four

Travel to the Springvale waypoint again and walk southeast.  To the right of Draff's house and past the cooking pot the hamper is beneath the wooden awning. (This is where Xiangling's cooking contest takes place).

Fecund Blessing Five

Teleport to the Statue of Seven in the Windrise region. The hamper is located behind the large tree south of the waypoint.

Fecund Blessing Six

From the fifth Fecund Blessing location, travel southwest past the red pillar and continue to a little encampment with a cooking pot. The hamper is left of the pot.

Fecund Blessing Seven

Travel to the teleport west of the Dawn Winery. Follow the main road east, which leads towards the Winery. The hamper is located to the right and slightly behind the Dawn Winery sign.

Fecund Blessing Eight

From the seventh Fecund Blessing location, travel right and cut through the vine fields. You'll see a house ahead with a chimney, the hamper is located in the garden next to a lamppost and veggie patch.

The Symbol of Mondstadt’s Hero

Genshin Impact: Fecund Blessing number 5
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The fifth Fecund Blessing is the most mysterious and the one most players have trouble encrypting. The clue is "I left a present at The Symbol of Mondstadt’s Hero.” The clue is referencing the Statue of the Seven in Mondstadt, to solve the clue and get the Fecund Blessing you must travel to the Statue in the Windrise region of Mondstadt.

Once teleported there, turn around and walk beyond the statue past the steps. There will be a large tree on the hill behind. The hamper is located around the tree on the ledge and within the tree roots.

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