How to get Crystal Cores in Genshin Impact

How to get Crystal Cores in Genshin Impact
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Crystal Cores in Genshin Impact are a necessary component to making certain upgrade materials such as Condensed Resin. To get Crystal Cores in Genshin Impact, you must harvest a Crystalfly. To learn where the best areas are to farm Crytalflies in Genshin Impact, read on.

The best spots to farm Crystal Cores in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact: Crystalflies
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Crystalflies tend to populate areas close to waypoints by the Statues Of The Seven and vary in element type depending on the region they are found in. The following are the best locations to quickly farm Crystalflies:

  • The Dawn Winery – In front of the mansion is a field of crops heavily populated with Anemo Crystalflies.
  • The Windrise Statue of Seven in Mondstadt – this contains a few Anemo Crystalflies, which fly near the large tree near the waypoint.
  • Tianheng – by the opening of the mountain above Liyue Harbour there will be a Hilichurl camp and a few Geo Crystalflies ready to capture.
  • The domain of Guyun Stone Forest, The Sea of Clouds, Liyue – There are several Geo Crystalflies that spawn on the domain entrance. You can teleport here to capture them but be careful as they quickly fly away if you're unprepared to catch them.
  • Fort Hiraumi, Seirai Island, Inazuma – Walk down from the hill where the waypoint is situated, and you'll see several Crystalflies by the bushes.
  • South Amakumo – there is a cluster of Crystalflies off the coast (pictured above).

Now you have enough Crystalflies you can craft items from the Crystal Cores, amongst Condensed Resin the other useful materials which can be crafted are the Frostshield Potion, Windbarrier Potion and the Adepti Seeker Stove. You can also use the official Genshin Impact Interactive Map for additional help in pinpointing where to find the Crystalflies.

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