Genshin Impact Neuvillette: Fontaine Leaks

Genshin Impact Neuvillette: Fontaine Leaks
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10th Jan 2023 10:08

Neuvillette is the Chief Justice of Fontaine, an upcoming area of Genshin Impact and the domain of the Hydro Archon. Through Genshin Impact leaks, Neuvillette is rumoured to be a tall male closely resembling Honkai Impact 3rd's Siegfried Kaslana. To read more about Neuvillette, all leaks and what we know so far about the character, read here.

Genshin Impact: Who Is Neuvillette?

Left image of Siegfried Kaslana, middle and right are leaked concept art of Neuvillette
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The first mention we received of Neuvillette was through the official announcement of Sumeru Archon Nahida. During the announcement, HoYoverse released this quote:

"One might say she pays too much attention or dotes on people too much... But while her actions can be flawed, I believe her sense of responsibility as Sumeru's deity to be a commendable thing. Ah, that the youngest of gods should be thus, while a certain other person, by contrast, should be so prone to hysterics..." — Chief Justice Neuvillette of Fontaine.

The Archon mentioned who is 'prone to hysterics' suggests a strained relationship between the Hydro Archon and Neuvillette and perhaps a future storyline of friction between the two of them. Neuvillette seems to respect Nahida and her approach as the Archon of Sumeru, it also suggests that they are somewhat aware of Nahida's active interference in Sumeru affairs.

Of course, Neuvillette may be referring to a different person or Archon, but it does add speculation around their relationship to the God of Justice, Archon Focalors of Fontaine.

There are no other official mentions of Neuvillette at the time of writing, but there has been a potential leak of the character design.

Genshin Impact: Neuvillette Character Art Leak

Reddit and Twitter user hxg_diluc released a leaked character concept design of Neuvillette, which was then backed by SaveYourPrimos, a reliable source for Genshin Impact leaks. The design shows the model using the tall male frame and is said to portray a striking resemblance to Honkai Impact 3rd's Siegfried Kaslana.

Along with Neuvillette, a leaked design of the Hydro Archon was also released on the account which has since been removed from Twitter.

In a follow-up post, Neuvillette is described to have grey hair with bangs on the right side, and aristocratic clothes which are blue and white with gold elements.

As Hoyoverse often takes inspiration for Genshin Impact character designs from their other successful title Honkai Impact 3rd, a design based around Siegfried is believable. As usual, all leaked information must be taken lightly, however, until announced officially by HoYoverse themselves.

Kiera is a former GGRecon Guides Writer.

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