Genshin Impact In Truth's Steps: All answers for parts 1, 2 & 3

Genshin Impact In Truth's Steps: All answers for parts 1, 2 & 3
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8th May 2023 17:29

If you need all Genshin Impact 'In Truth's Steps' answers, read here. In Truth's Steps is an optional Genshin Impact quest, which instructs you to visit a booth during the 'A Parade of Providence' event where the NPC Bahar will ask you a set of questions about three different stories.

If you're looking to skip ahead in the game, read below. We have all correct In Truth's Steps answers for each part, which you'll need to get rewards like Primogems, Hero's Wit and more.

All Genshin Impact 'In Truth's Steps' answers

Genshin Impact 'In Truth's Steps' quest
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'In Truth's Steps' is an optional Genshin Impact quest, during the 'A Parade of Providence' event. To take part in the event you must be Adventurer Rank 30 or above and need to have completed the Archon Quest 'A New Star Approaches.

To start the quest, travel to Bahar's booth in the north of Sumeru City, listen to her story and then provide the following answers to her questions on it:

'In Truth's Steps' part one answers


Correct Answer

How did Beydim leave the mire and pass the message on?

By being a good flier.

Beydim was a..?

Dusk Bird.

Why was Beydim wet all over?

Beydim did not bring any waterproof gear.

'In Truth's Steps' part two answers


Correct Answer

Why was his mentor angry?

Because he could not obtain the letter.

Who was it who last came into contact with the letter?

The Darshan staff member who was in charge of passing on the letter.

Where was the letter?

The mentor’s office.

What was within the letter, then?

The keys to the office.

'In Truth's Steps' part three answers 


Correct Answer

And the current status of the leave permits is…

All the leave permits are with those who should have them

Did everyone take a leave permit?

Everyone took a leave permit.

Why was one leave permit slip left in the box?

The person who took that slip took the box too.

Genshin Impact 'In Truth's Steps' rewards

Genshin Impact 'In Truth's Steps' Rewards
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In return for answering correctly during all three parts of the 'In Truth's Steps' quest, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Part one – 30 Primogems, 100 Gala Excitement, 3 Hero's Wit, 3 Agnidus Agate Fragments, 4 Guide to Admonition.
  • Part two - 30 Primogems, 100 Gala Excitement, 3 Hero's Wit, 3 Varunada Lazurite Fragments, 4 Guide to Ingenuity
  • Part three - 30 Primogems, 100 Gala Excitement, 3 Hero's Wit, 3 Nagadus Emerald Fragments, 4 Guide to Praxis.

One of the rewards listed is Gala Excitement, which is a reward unique to this event and can only be redeemed during the event. As such, make sure you cash Gala Excitement in for rewards before the event ends at 1:59 AM PT on May 15, 2023 (10 AM BST).

Genshin Impact how to use Gala Excitement
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Gala Excitement can be traded for rewards like Primogems, decorative flags, furnishings, Crown of Insight and more, including the four-star Anemo character, Faruzan.

To trade your Gala Excitement in for rewards, navigate to the in-game event menu and select the Lotus symbol to the left of the Gala Excitement bar at the bottom of the page.

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