Genshin Impact Storytelling Method: How To Unlock

Genshin Impact Storytelling Method: How To Unlock
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9th Jan 2023 16:58

Storytelling Method in Genshin Impact is a world quest within the Inazuma region that can only be unlocked after completing specific daily commissions. For a rundown of which daily commissions to complete to unlock the Genshin Impact storytelling method world quest, read on.  

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Genshin Impact: How To Unlock Storytelling Method Quest

Genshin Impact: Storytelling Method World Quest
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To unlock the Storytelling Method world quest, you must first complete several other daily commissions in this order:

  • Complete the Daily Commission 'Is This Novel Amazing?' which takes place in Inazuma City.
  • When prompted by Junkichi choose the option ' Actually, Shigeru sounds more reasonable...'
  • This will unlock the next commission called 'This Novel... Seems Familiar?'. It may be possible to unlock the commission by siding with Junkichi but more players have reported success this way.
  • Complete the next commission by giving Junkichi the 'Literature Club' instead of the other two books you are tasked to collect.
  • The Storytelling Method quest should unlock after this.

If you still cannot access the quest, it may be because of conflicting active quests. Check to see if you have any other quests active containing the same characters. Players have also reported that you must side with both the editor and author once each to unlock the Storytelling Method quest. This means completing the daily commission twice. 

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Genshin Impact: Storytelling Method Quest

Genshin Impact: Hidden Intel Location
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Once following the steps above, Junkichi will ask the player to act as the main protagonist in his story about a ninja. You will travel to a domain and must defeat the enemies there to succeed. Upon defeating the enemies, travel up the lift to the top floor and search around the trees to the right of the large room. There will be a glowing light behind the centre tree, investigate here to collect the hidden intel and leave the domain.

Upon completing the commission, you'll get Hero's Wit x6, you will unlock the Wonders of the World 'Well, At Least It Ended' achievement, and the 'Editorial Opinion' achievement and will be rewarded with five Primogems for each.

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