Genshin Impact Wherefore Did The Spiritstone Descend Quest

Genshin Impact Wherefore Did The Spiritstone Descend Quest
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The 'Wherefore Did The Spiritstone Descend' Genshin Impact quest is the last part of The Chasm Delvers questline and is unlocked in the Underground Mines. For a full walkthrough of this Genshin Impact quest and to learn how to unlock it with the rest of the chasm map, read here.

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Genshin Impact 'Spiritstone Descend' Quest: How To Unlock The Gate

Genshin Impact: How to get below The Glowing Narrows
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The 'Wherefore Did The Spiritstone Descend' quest is only unlocked once players complete 'Perils in the Dark', defeat the Abyss Lector and meet up with Zhiqiong in the Nameless Ruins. Zhiqiong will direct you on how to use the key left behind by the Abyss Lector to progress. Follow these steps to get through the quest:

  • Follow the path and climb up the hillside in the Nameless Ruins to speak with Zhiqiong.
  • Travel to The Glowing Narrows entrance where you will meet Zhiqiong again. The next portion of the map will unlock.
  • Go to the gate that Zhiqiong mentioned, this should be pinpointed on your map for you and is located in the southwest portion of the map. To get here, there will be a rock formation along the path of the Glowing Narrows camp, follow the path and interact with the glowing orange plants. Once you hit them, they will enlarge and explode, clearing the rock pile in the process. (See image above).
  • Once the rocks are removed there will be a gap which you can travel down, to enter the depths of the Glowing Narrows below. You can use your glider to travel from ledge to ledge until you are safely below the camp.

Genshin Impact: Gate to The Stony Hall
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  • The mushroom biome below is filled with fungi enemies, you can avoid these and sprint towards Xamaran, speaking to them is your next objective.
  • Unlock the waypoint near the central tree in the area to allow for easier travel in the future.
  • Follow the winding path and you will see Zhiqiong again, standing outside of a stone gate. Speak with her to trigger the next part of the quest.
  • Now, you can interact with the lock to open the gate to The Stony Hall.


Genshin Impact 'Spiritstone Descend' Quest: How To Purify The Crystal

Genshin Impact: Crystal pillar locations
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Now you've unlocked the gate to The Stony Hall, follow these steps to get to the end of the quest and unlock your rewards.

  • Proceed through the gate, past a few slime enemies which are optional to fight.
  • You'll get to the end of a ledge, you can glide off of this to descend to The Stony Hall.
  • Head towards the waypoint (if on PC press V to highlight the waypoint). This mostly involves following the stone path around until you see a set of stone steps leading up.
  • Up the stairs, there is another waypoint to the left. Make sure you interact with it to unlock fast travel to the area.
  • Ahead, you'll see a floating crystal within the canyon. There are five strange devices around the crystal, the next step is to activate them and purify the crystal in the process.
  • To do this, you must travel to each pillar and press the 'Recharge' prompt. Doing so will summon enemies which you'll need to defeat as the crystal takes time to recharge. The five pillars are square stone columns with red crystals on top. These crystals turn blue once charged.
  • The five pillars are located around the circular stone pathway around the larger central crystal. The waypoints should highlight their location further if you need more assistance.
  • Once all five crystals are recharged, travel to the central crystal. There should be a teleport waypoint near it on a stone bridge.
  • A cutscene will play out in which a chasm worm has been awoken and a boss fight will commence.
  • Haftvad the Worm has large AEO spin attacks. You can immobilise it by attacking the oozing concretions created by the worm. (These look like glowing yellow rocks). Destroy these to make Haftvad go still, allowing you to attack him.
  • Once he gets to low health a cutscene will commence as Yelan attacks the remainder of Haftvad's health bar and the crystal will reset.
  • The crystal is now free and you're free to explore the fully unlocked chasm map.
  • Return to Zhiqiong at the Glowing Narrows camp to turn in the quest.


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