Best Genshin Impact Lynnette build: Artifacts, weapons & more

Best Genshin Impact Lynnette build: Artifacts, weapons & more
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Genshin Impact Lynnette is the latest cat-girl character to grace the open-world free-to-play game, and this time she's bringing the power of Anemo and magic down upon her foes. She's Lyney's brother, and the two of them delight in performing for Fontaine's upper echelons.

She's a quiet person who constantly watches what's going on, but her fighting style takes a bit of inspiration from a few other characters. Let's dive into this Genshin Impact Lynette build guide, so you know what to do with her in the game.

Genshin Impact Lynnette abilities

Lynette in Genshin Impact
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Lynnette is a sword-using Anemo unit, which basically means she's going to be a support character that helps shred enemy resistances. Her normal attack hits enemies with her sword, but her main draws are her skill and ultimate.

Her skill allows her to rapidly run around marking enemies, and then perform an Enigma Thrust, which restores her HP when she hits an enemy with it, but then drain her HP afterwards.

Her burst creates a Bogglecat Box, which will taunt nearby enemies, and naturally deal Anemo damage for a few seconds. If, however, it comes into contact with Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, or Electro, it will deal damage of that element instead, and also fire off Vivid Shots periodically too.

Her passive skills allow her to boost the attack of her teammates, with more attack being added when there are more elemental types in the party.

Genshin Impact Lynnette weapons

Lynette in Genshin Impact
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Lynnette's best weapon is generally going to be Sacrificial Sword, which allows her to use her elemental skill more often. however, she can use just about any five-star weapon if you're going more for generally good stats than actual utility.

It's worth noting that her damage output isn't great overall, and she's definitely more of a support character, and you'll have more success building her as such.

Genshin Impact Lynnette artifacts

Lynnette is an Anemo character, and nearly every Anemo character should use the Viridescent Venerer set. This set not only boosts Anemo damage, but also increases swirl damage, and decreases the opponent's elemental resistance to elements swirled for a time.

Stat-wise, you want to be looking at attack, Anemo damage, and whatever crit stats will help sneak her damage up a little bit. Unlike other Anemo characters, she doesn't swirl as often as her burst actually changes element, instead of swirling it, which means she doesn't benefit from elemental mastery as much.

Genshin Impact Lynnette teams

Lynette is an okay option in a wide variety of teams. You can slot her in where characters like Sucrose or Kazuha would work, but she'll often be something of a downgrade to them. She'll do okay though, and given that Genshin Impact isn't all that hard, you can often get through even the harder content with the characters you love, not just the powerful ones.

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