Genshin Impact: New Epitome Invocation Weapons October 2022

Genshin Impact: New Epitome Invocation Weapons October 2022
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14th Oct 2022 16:08

Genshin Impact's Epitome Invocation is a weapon banner players can 'wish' on in exchange for randomised weapons. This Genshin Impact banner is permanent, with occasional changing weapons available. Read here to learn which new weapons are scheduled to be added to the Epitome Invocation banner and instructions on how to get them.

Genshin Impact: New Epitome Invocation Weapons

To coincide with the release of the new Hydro character Nilou, the following weapons are being added to the standard Epitome Invocation Event Wish for players to acquire through the randomised gacha system: (Note that these weapons will not be available on the Wanderlust Invocation and will only be available until October 31)

  • Key of Khaj-Nisut (Five-star sword)
  • Xiphos' Moonlight (Four-star sword)
  • Wandering Evenstar (Four-star catalyst)


Genshin Impact Epitome Invocation: How To Wish On

Genshin Impact Epitome Invocation Event Wish
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To get a gacha pull you must 'wish' on an event banner. The Epitome Invocation banner requires Intertwined Fate to wish on. You can acquire these by exchanging Primogems for Intertwined Fate, which can be earnt in-game, through promotional drops or by exchanging in return for Genesis Crystals. Genesis Crystals can be bought in the shop for real-world money. You can also exchange currencies via Paimon's Bargains shop page. This means the exchange of currencies will look like this:

Genesis Crystals > Primogems > Intertwined Fate.

Each weapon event wish usually features two five-star weapons and five four-star weapons. You can use the Epitomized Path system to focus on one of the two choices for five-star weapons and increase your odds of receiving the weapon of your choice.

This also focuses the pity system towards giving you your weapon of choice instead of randomising it between the two five-star options. The pity system guarantees you a five-star weapon if you have spent 80 wishes without a five-star item up until that point.

As the weapons above are promotional items they also have an increase in drop rate. This means that every time a player wins a five-star weapon there is a 75% chance it will be one of the promotional items. If you are unlucky and do not get a promotional item your next five-star pull is guaranteed to be one.

On a similar note, if a player does not get a four-star item after nine wishes, they are guaranteed one on their tenth wish.

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