Where to find Rainbow Rentals & Color Bottles of Banana Yellow in Fornite

Where to find Rainbow Rentals & Color Bottles of Banana Yellow in Fornite
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28th Sep 2021 14:38

Where is Fortnite Rainbow Rentals? The release of Color Bottles in Chapter 2 - Season 8 has a lot of Fortnite players wondering where to find Rainbow Rentals on the map. This guide will answer the question, “where is Rainbow Rentals in Fortnite?” as well as teach readers where to find Color Bottles of Banana Yellow in Rainbow Rentals.

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Where Is Rainbow Rentals In Fortnite?

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Fortnite Rainbow Rentals was introduced in Chapter 2 - Season 1. This Fortnite landmark disappeared when the island flooded in Chapter 2 - Season 3 but later returned when the water submerged. Rainbow Rentals’ namesake can be attributed to the five bungalows at the location, each painted a different colour of the rainbow. 

Fortnite players will find Rainbow Rentals on the island’s western coastline. Rainbow Rentals is on the beach south-west of Holly Hedges.

Fortnite Rainbow Rentals: Where To Find Color Bottles Of Banana Yellow In Rainbow Rentals

Color Bottle hunters may use the below images to track down the locations of the three Banana Yellow Color Bottles at Rainbow Rentals:

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The first Banana Yellow Color Bottle at Rainbow Rentals is on the beach out front, atop a pile of rocks.

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Another Banana Yellow Color Bottle is sitting on a table inside the centre yellow Rainbow Rentals bungalow.

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The third and final Rainbow Rentals Banana Yellow Color Bottle is up on the hilltop above all of the bungalows. Search the grassy hill that overlooks Rainbow Rentals to find the last Banana Yellow Color Bottle. 

Now that you know where Rainbow Rentals is in Fortnite, you can visit the charming Fortnite landmark and find Color Bottles of Banana Yellow. Collect all three Banana Yellow Color Bottles to unlock the Peely Toona Fish character style.

Fortnite Rainbow Rentals: Toona Fish, Color Bottles, And Rainbow Ink

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The name Rainbow Rentals does not appear on the map, therefore many Fortnite players are unfamiliar with the location. Additionally, Rainbow Rentals is on the edge of the island and out of the way, and with mediocre loot at best, Fortnite players could go their whole playing career without stepping foot into Rainbow Rentals.

However, Chapter 2 - Season 8 finally gives Fortnite players a chance to check out the beautiful Rainbow Rentals landmark. Three Banana Yellow Color Bottles are hidden around the vicinity of Rainbow Rentals.

Fortnite players can collect Color Bottles and use them to customise the Toona Fish Battle Pass skin. Like the Kymera alien skin and Alien Artifacts from Season 7, the more Color Bottles a player collects, the more customisation options open up for Toona Fish.

To paint Toona Fish in one’s favourite colours, Fortnite players must gather the appropriate Color Bottles. There are over 40 different sets of Color Bottles in total for players to collect.

Fortnite players that find all three of the Rainbow Rentals Color Bottles can then use Rainbow Ink to gain access to the Peely Toona Fish character style.

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