How to find & defeat Megalo Don in Fortnite

How to find & defeat Megalo Don in Fortnite
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4th Jun 2024 17:30


  • Megalo Don spawns at Brutal Beach
  • He has a heavy Nitro Fist attack that flings you backwards
  • You can get his Nitro Fist weapon as a reward for defeating him

Fortnite has a new boss in town, and you'll need plenty of firepower to take down Megalo Don. With plenty of rewards for taking him down on offer, he's well worth hunting out in the newly-found wasteland of Chapter 5 Season 3.

Below, I'll explain where to find Megalo Don, as well as what you'll get for taking him out and some tips on making the whole process a bit easier.

Where is Megalo Don?

Where to find Megalo Don in Fortnite
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You can find Megalo Don at Brutal Beach, which is on the southern coast of the island. There, you'll see a massive shipwreck, which is home to Megalo Don and his car workshop.

Head into the bottom of the shipwreck, and you should see the boss hanging around on the lower deck. If you can't see him, he might have wandered up the stairs to the side, which is what he was doing when I got there.

How to beat Megalo Don

Defeating Megalo Don in Fortnite
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I didn't find Megalo Don too tricky to take down, but that's likely because I went in with plenty of firepower. Make sure you've got a few heavy-duty weapons before heading into his lair, otherwise, he's likely to take you out of the game quite quickly.

He has a large health pool with several bars that you'll need to deplete before he's eliminated. There's also a chunky shield bar to crunch through, too.

Megalo Don has a couple of big attacks up his sleeve, like the massive punch from his Nitro Fists that can throw you far away from him while dealing immense damage. When fighting him, make sure to keep your distance as much as possible.

The biggest nuisance when fighting Megalo Don is his minions that spawn once you break his shield bar. Three burly henchmen with suitably big health bars will start to attack you as well as the big man himself, so try and take these out first before continuing to focus on Megalo Don.

Rewards for defeating Megalo Don

Megalo Don's car in Fortnite
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Once you've defeated the boss, he’ll drop his trusty Nitro Fist mythic weapon and his Medallion. There's also a souped-up vehicle at the bottom of the ship that you can use to traverse the rest of the map in style.

What's more, a Weekly Challenge requires you to defeat a boss three times, so taking out Megalo Don will count towards the progression of this challenge.

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