All map changes in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

All map changes in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3
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Tarran Stockton


24th May 2024 17:22

The Fortnite map changes more than the phases of the moon, and with Chapter 5 Season 3, players can expect a whole new area and some POIs to explore - all themed around the wasteland.

The game has remained the king of free-to-play for a few years, largely because of how often it introduces new content, with new or unvaulted weapons, events, map changes, and game modes among just a few of the aspects that refreshed.

If you're curious how the Fortnite map has changed once again, learn all about the new region you can explore.

All map changes

The biggest change to the Fortnite map with the new season is the introduction of the new biome in the south, called the Wasteland, and three new points of interest: Redline Rig, Nitrodome, and Brutal Beachhead.

In the lore of this season, this sandy stretch of land occurs due to a ferocious sandstorm that moves over to the island, and with it, a number of Wasteland Warriors on their customised cars.

It takes a lot of heavy inspiration from the Mad Max series, which is most notable in the addition of all the new cars and whacky warriors that can be found around here.

Here's everything you need to know about the new POIs you can find across the Wasteland.

Redline Rig

the inside of Redline Rig in Fortnite
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This is Nitro refinery run by a boss called The Machinist. Here you can find a crane, which makes for a nice vantage point, a large in-door complex, and a few massive tankers of Nitro. 

You can also try out many of the new vehicles and car upgrades in this POI. Finally, to the south-east, you'll find a nice oasis.


the Nitrodome in Fortnite
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Just south of the island's centre is the Nitrodome, an area designed for car combat and mayhem. You can find the boss called Ringmaster Scarr here.

I imagine this will be a popular destination for players looking to make the most of the new car mechanics and upgrades for this season.

Brutal Beachhead

the Brutal Beachhead in Fortnite
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The third of the new locations is called Brutal Beachhead, and can be located just south-east of the newly named Sandy Steppes.

This is where these Wasteland Warriors first arrived after riding the sandstorm into the island, and where you can find their boss - Megalo Don.

This POI is most notable for the large ship you can find on the beach, which is designed to resemble a shark, or maybe some other beast with massive, pointy teeth (I mean, god knows what other creatures roam the waters around the Fortnite island).

The new wasteland region is sure to have its own hidden quirks and secrets for players to find, and it'll also likely evolve over the course of the season in some surprising ways.

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