5 Need-To-Know Building Techniques in Fortnite

5 Need-To-Know Building Techniques in Fortnite

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Coleman Hamstead


6th May 2020 17:00

Building is what makes Fortnite, Fortnite. The unique mechanic allows players to pull off insane plays that would otherwise not be possible. As the game has grown and players have gotten better, building has become an absolute necessity. Players have sunk hours and hours into finding new strategies and techniques to get the edge. In this piece, we will lay out five of the need-to-know building techniques. This includes how they originated, why they are so useful and when/how to perform them.


Fortnite 90s

90s are one of the foundations of building in Fortnite. Cranking Fortnite 90s is the fastest and most efficient way to build for height. The knowledge on how to perform 90s is an absolute necessity for players interested in Creative mode 1v1s and high octane build battles.

There have been different variations of the “90” throughout Fortnite’s lifespan. Mongraal 90s, infinite 90s and Mitr0 90s are just a few of the most commonly referenced forms of this technique. Different variations offer enhanced speed, protection, or cheap material cost. Players are constantly working on their Fortnite 90s and looking for new ways to improve and perfect the technique.

In this guide, we will focus on basic 90s. The origin of the name “90s” is pretty self-explanatory. While performing a 90, the player is constantly turning 90 degrees. 90 degree turns allow for uninterrupted forward momentum and with that, rapid vertical height.

Fortnite 90s start with a single ramp. Players will want to position themselves toward the left-centre or the right-centre of the ramp. For our example, we will be positioned on the left-centre and perform the 90s to the right.

After placing the ramp, the player should move forward and place a wall directly in front of them as well as a wall to the right. Immediately following, jump and place a floor then a ramp beneath. Just like that, you did a 90. Repeating these steps in quick succession will allow the player to claim the high ground in mere seconds. Below is a short clip demonstrating these steps in action.

Keep in mind, jump fatigue is also a mechanic in Fortnite. Jumping rapidly will lead to your character experiencing fatigue and gaining less height on each following jump. Jump fatigue will set in after the second jump and standard 90s can no longer be performed without a rest period after the fourth jump.

Three-Layer Ramp Rush

Ramp Rushing is another one of the OG Fortnite building techniques. Players discovered that when approaching an opponent, ramping at and over them was an easy way to create cover and achieve the high ground.

However, single ramping is an easy way to get shot down and lose the advantage. In an effort to reinforce their ramps and make it more difficult to get shot out, players discovered techniques such as double ramping, two-layer ramping and three-layer ramping.

Nowadays, three-layer ramp rushing is a common tactic for aggressive players, and appears in Fortnite competitive frequently. The addition of a floor and a wall protects the user’s builds from the front and below. Targeted players will need to shoot out multiple layers of builds to knock the attacker down. This can be difficult to accomplish under pressure and gives the attacker plenty of time to take potshots or secure a kill.

The three-layer ramp rush is just an advanced version of a plain single ramp rush. Each level of ramp is accompanied by a floor and a wall. To perform a three-layer ramp rush, the player simply needs to move forward and press three buttons in order repeatedly. You don’t even need to move the camera if you keep steady at the right angle.

Ramp, floor, wall. Ramp, floor, wall. Ramp, floor wall. These actions performed in order will create a fortified layer of protection and place the player three stories above ground level. From here, the player has a clear vision of the battlefield and can make quick work of the unprotected players below. Below is a short clip demonstrating the three-layer ramp rush.

Cone Block

Sometimes two players may find themselves ramp rushing toward each other. Depending on the height of the terrain, who started building first and other factors, one player will find themselves with a ramp over their head and nowhere to go. If you find yourself in this predicament, a cone block is the perfect way to turn the tide back in your favour.

Cone blocking requires good timing and quick reflexes but is the simplest of all these techniques to pull off. It can be performed with only one button input. The best players will foresee their opponent’s actions ahead of time and be prepared to place a pyramid.

As soon as you see a ramp appear over you, look up and place a pyramid or cone. This will impede the opponent’s movement and ruin all momentum. This will stun and throw off most opponents, giving the user ample time to regain the high ground. The video below will demonstrate and show examples of this technique in action.

Cone Jump (Side Jump)

If you’re looking for the perfect counter to a cone block, look no further than the cone jump. With the cone block technique becoming more and more prevalent, players sought for ways to escape and counter it. Cone jumping does just that. If done correctly, cone jumping will save the users forward momentum while allowing them to maintain the high ground advantage.

Cone jumping is used when a player encounters a floor or a pyramid above their head, effectively blocking their vertical movement. To counter this, players can jump off their ramp on either the right or left side, look downward and place a floor. The floor will boost the user up and above the cone onto the next level of height. Advanced players may choose to place a ramp immediately following the floor to boost even higher.

Cone jumping requires the player to jump off the ramp at just the right angle. If done incorrectly, the player will either hit their head on the cone or miss the jump altogether. Also, the player must wait until their character is at the peak of their jump to place the floor. Otherwise, they will not phase through and will fall to the ground. Players should mess around in Creative mode to test out where on the ramp cone jumping can be done successfully. Check out the video below to witness this technique in action.


Waterfalling is the fastest and safest way to descend from high ground in Fortnite. Occasionally, players may find themselves stuck high above the map. This could happen following an intense build battle or just naturally during gameplay. Waterfalling is the best way to get back down and avoid getting your builds shot or pickaxe’d out. Waterfalling will allow a player to descend 10+ stories in just a few seconds. Waterfalling can be the difference between dying to max fall damage or taking zero fall damage.

As with many of these building techniques, waterfalling requires players to enable turbo building. In addition, players should have the “Builder Pro: Build Immediately” setting enabled. After that, waterfalling just takes a little bit of practice to pull off successfully.

Waterfalling begins with walking toward any edge of a structure. From there, players should turn their backs toward the edge and face toward the structure. Finally, look slightly down, walk off the edge and hold the “build wall” button. After three walls have been placed, quickly place a ramp. This can be done as many times as necessary until the user reaches ground level.

It is important to place a ramp every three walls. This ensures that the user takes zero fall damage. In Fortnite, players can fall three stories without taking any damage. More than three stories will result in a reduction in HP. Less than three stories and the user will end up eating through extra material and going slower. Watch the video below for a quick demonstration of waterfalling in action.

Now that you know the basics, it is time to get into Creative mode and practice. All five of these building techniques can be mastered with a few hours of practice in Creative mode. Start-up an empty map, enable infinite materials and get to building.

Stay tuned here at GGRecon for more Fortnite content including intermediate and advanced Fortnite 90s building techniques and strategies.


Images via Epic Games

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