Is Fortnite OG coming back?

Is Fortnite OG coming back?
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Morgan Truder


6th Dec 2023 13:40

Fortnite is one of the most popular games around, but the recent OG season exceeded everyone's wildest expectations, breaking huge player count records. It begs the question, will Fortnite OG ever come back, or was it a one-off?

The OG season was a shorter season than usual, lasting for just one month. Each week, fan-favourite locations returned to the map and classic weapons from the game's original chapter were unvaulted.

The challenges were specifically tailored to the map and the Battle Pass included re-imaginings of skins from Fortnite’s past. In short, the season was a huge success and many will be wondering if it will return.

Will Fortnite OG return?

In short, the answer is yes. The official Fortnite X account posted on December 2, 2023, that it will be returning… and not much else. The post, as can be seen above, is nothing short of cryptic but plenty of people are sounding off in the replies with theories about when it will return.

Some think it will return every year to celebrate the game's anniversary, while others are suggesting it may be a good way to end each Chapter before beginning a new landmark event. For now, these are just theories, but the tweet does mention a 2024 roadmap, so hopefully we don’t have to wait too long.

Why is Fortnite's OG map so popular?

It's hard to know exactly why the OG map was so popular, but as can be seen by the above post, it exceeded the developer's expectations as well. Nostalgia will be responsible for a lot of it, especially with how popular Fortnite was for many during the pandemic.

Tilted Towers in Fortnite OG
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Tilted Towers, Loot Lake and all those other locations were a good escape for many when we had nowhere else to go. I even dropped in for a few games with some of my pals I used to play with years ago.

On top of that, returning to something you know is less intimidating after the years of updates we have seen since. So many people would've felt comfortable returning to a map they knew and weapons they understood.

I look forward to the OG map returning but worry it can only be carried so far by nostalgia. Maybe next time, different interpretations of what we have seen before can keep it fresh whilst still reminiscing the past.

That's all we know for now about the return of Fortnite OG. If you’re playing the latest season, make sure you check out our guides on how to complete the Train Heist, what the yellow circle means and more on our Fortnite homepage.

Morgan is one of the Guides Writers at GGRecon. He first started writing about games for fun whilst doing his BA (Hons) in History and Film. Since then he has turned this passion into a career and was previously an Editor at VideoGamer before joining GGRecon. Despite enjoying all sorts of games, he can often be found playing Football Manager, Red Dead Redemption 2 or Sekiro.

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