How To Go Pro In Fortnite

How To Go Pro In Fortnite
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2nd Jul 2021 14:21

What’s your dream job? For a lot of people, the answer would be pro gamer. In particular, a professional Fortnite player.

Achieving pro status in Fortnite is a lot easier said than done — but it’s not impossible. In fact, Fortnite offers a tangible path that, when followed to a tee, will elevate an individual from amateur to pro.

But it won’t be easy. Be prepared to sink thousands of hours of heart and soul into the process. Do you think you have what it takes to go pro?

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Grind Arena And Build Hype

The first step to going pro in Fortnite involves simply playing the game and getting good. Aspiring pros should stick to the Arena playlist. Arena features the Siphon mechanic and other competitive settings not available in the standard playlists.

Grind out Arenas and try to work your way up to the Champion League. Matches in the Champions League will be far better practice than anything else available in public lobbies. Additionally, some online Fortnite tournaments are only open to players ranked in the Champion League.

Focus on building up your Hype. Hype is earned based on a player’s final placement and through eliminating enemy players in Arena playlists. Epic Games hosts a Hype leaderboard on the official Fortnite website that showcases the top Hype earners. Fortnite players with the most Hype will have their names advertised for the world to see.

Fortnite players looking to take the first step toward a career as a pro should begin in the Arena. High-level Arena matches will give you reps vs. some of the better competition Fortnite has to offer.

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Enter Open Events

Once you hit Champion League and Arena matches start to feel a little too easy, it’s time to enter into some open online tournaments. One of the coolest things about Fortnite is how accessible competitive play is to amateur players. Literally anyone can enter an online Fortnite tournament and walk away with a piece of the prize pool. Fortnite holds multiple open tournaments every week that are completely free to enter. You don’t have to be a big streamer or a pro with tens of thousands in earnings to get an invite. Your average Joe can log in and play in an official Fortnite tournament.

Log in to Fortnite and head to the “Events” tab. Here, one can view all upcoming competitive events and tournaments, as well as survey the results of previous events. Alternatively, players can visit this Epic Games website to view the competitive event calendar and stay up to date on competitive Fortnite news.

Find an event that works for you and mark the start time on your calendar. When the day comes, compete in the chosen event. Use everything you’ve learned so far to play to the best of your ability. Don’t be discouraged if you have a rough first couple of tournaments. Remember, these are free events. At worst, these open tournaments are great practice. 

Try to sign up for a couple of events each week. Learn from your mistakes and work on improving your game. Focus on outdoing yourself at each subsequent event with higher and higher placements.

If all goes well, your hard work will pay off, and you’ll eventually walk away from one of these events with some cash. Cherish the moment and use the momentum to push forward.

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Gain Entry To Private Scrim Discord Servers

As you build up your reputation and get your name out there, consider applying for entry into private scrim Discord servers. These Discord servers are where the top players in the game unite to practice amongst themselves. This is probably the best practice you can get in all of Fortnite. Every scrim consists of successful and proven pros and amateurs.

However, it won’t be easy to get into these private Discords. Usually, the requirements to get an invite are quite strict. Typically, the owners expect a new potential member to have achieved top 15 in a tournament’s finals or placed top 50 in three different finals. Alternatively, it’s possible to get an invite from an existing member if they scout you and determine you to be a player with great potential.

Not only are these Discord servers amazing practice, but they offer direct connections to pro players. These private scim Discords serve as an opportunity to get acquainted with other top players. Here, an aspiring pro can build connections with other aspiring pros and even existing pros. Use each other as motivation to keep grinding. And who knows, maybe you’ll find a teammate or two for Duos and Trios events.

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Get Signed By A Professional Organisation

Signing to a professional organisation is when the dream of going pro turns real. Orgs can offer an aspiring pro a salary, allowing them to focus purely on Fortnite as a career. 

Streaming your gameplay is a great way to get noticed by a pro org. But keep in mind, personality and social media presence can play a major role in getting signed. Esports orgs look for more than just skill when they sign a player. They want someone that will draw a crowd and bring in fans. Developing a large following will ease your road to pro status all-around. And not to mention, Streaming can be an excellent source of income. Some former Fortnite pros have retired to stream exclusively because of how lucrative streaming alone can be.

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Get Invited To Invite-Only LAN Tournaments

The final step to becoming a true Fortnite pro is to get invited to private invite-only LAN tournaments. Thankfully for the average player, a large portion of Fortnite’s tournaments are open events with qualifiers. However, there are plenty of invite-only tournaments as well. Events like Twitch Rivals, TwitchCon, and the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am are all invite-only. The only way to ever participate in these massive mainstream events is to get an invitation from Epic Games.

To reach this point, you must have achieved some serious results, enough to get noticed by Epic Games themselves. All the work you have put in thus far has finally paid off - you get to play on the main stage alongside your idols. You are no doubt a Fortnite pro.


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